Hi, I’m John Burbidge, who lives in Montana and author of the book “Watching Paint Dry. On this site you’ll find a complete series of DIY Guides & Reviews to help you paint & decorate your house—right!

The interior and exterior house painting techniques I demonstrate have consistently produced nice-looking and long-lasting results for me during my 15 years as a painter. I will share every possible idea with you all through this website. 

I am often asked about different paint equipment to use for house painting. Got questions? Contact me

Having been a painted professional for fifteen years, I write award-winning stories that have appeared in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and anthologies.

I established the Woodpaintfinder that connected with a group of wood enthusiasts and experts. They are very thoughtful to provide independent, insightful, and unbiased information regarding house decoration, wood paint and related products.

Our main passion is to help you and others providing information regarding wood as a construction material, who are interested in DIY, Wooden structure, House decoration & etc.

We always try to provide the latest information and update about new products, so that you can choose the right decision. Because without it we are out of the box.

Our Mission

At Woodpaintfinder we provide you incomparable information about DIY and related products in a bid to help you do your own DIY projects perfectly.

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In focusing you our strong ethics is to provide right & quality information. This business serves loyalty, does deep analysis and has professional ethics to provide you the right information.

We are getting so much love from all of you, which gives us the boost and stamina to provide you the best information that you can find here regarding wood, paint DIY and related products.