The 5 Best Paint For Aluminum Siding to Repair Your House Exterior Vertical Metal Siding

Do you have an aluminum siding as your home façade? That’s a great decision. It requires less maintenance, and the durability is promising.

But has it been years since you added the metal wall cladding? Then you’re sure to notice flaying off paints or chalking. It occurs as the protective resin which locks the dyes erodes.

If you think a little washing or scrubbing can fix it, you’re wrong. It’ll start sanding down, losing more of its shield. So, are you upset over the outdated and faded appearance?

How about painting with the best paint for aluminum siding! But are you unsure about your paint choice? Well, chip away all your doubts as you’ve paced to the right site.

We stand right here with our reviews of the five best exterior paints presented in nuts and bolts. Our buying guide will ease your paint job.

Let’s pitch in your top metal siding paint! Before that let’s introduce you with 5 best aluminum siding paints:

  1. Vinyl Renu The Original Color for Aluminum Siding
  2. KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain
  3. Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Flat Aluminum Primer
  4. Prestige Exterior Paint, Ice Blue
  5. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Interior/Exterior Latex paint

Should You Paint or Replace Aluminum Siding?

Well, replacing the façade would cost more than the paint job. That’s why painting the siding instead of replacing it seems to be a feasible and wise choice.

Plenty of colors and paint options crowd the market. Paint adheres better. It boasts durability and shines, too, leaving no room for rust and molds.

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Exterior Paint For Aluminum Siding

Best Exterior Paint For Aluminum Siding

Were you hoping to shop with no ideas about your metal siding or paint options? Then you are sure to get puzzled.

It’s because, in terms of colors, materials, and texture, a ton of options come to your hand as you step out. So, all you need is a nourished guide driving your pace.

To hand you the best aluminum siding paint, we put forth a buying guide. It covers all the factors you need to give in your thoughts.

We even tried to remove the fogs from your hazy queries. Let’s kick-off!

Considering Factors:


When going for a house painter to apply on your metal wall cover, durability is a crucial checkpoint. How long will the coat serve to protect your façade decides its long-lasting trait.

Acrylic paint is durable. On the other hand, latex paint is highly adhesive and lasts longer. Both can offer a weather-proof coat of paint. An acrylic-latex color would be the best.

Very Low Odor

The odor of solvents and chemicals cause suffocations to those who are prone to breathing issues. Hence, you better go for odorless or paints that stink less for your metal siding repairs and trims.

Low stinks mean your paint is soft in the toxic matter. Hence prove to be less risky for health.

Smooth Sailing

One reason for repainting aluminum wallboard is to get rid of the chalky effects and peeling off. So, it’s vital to make a paint selection that serves to work on imperfections leaving no dents or patches uncovered.

And a smooth sailing paint can offer that uniform finish for sure. It works to level out the surface giving a smooth finish. You’ll notice such coating dries fast. Hence a great time-saver!

Eco Friendly & UV Protected

When talking about the best aluminum siding paint, it has to fill the eco-friendly quality. Most paints cater to the low amount of volatile organic chemicals. Thus assures it is no threat to nature.

Again, paints come with a shielding coat that works against the risks of inserting UV rays. Hence, it gives protection from UV!

Cost to Paint Aluminum Siding

The expense of repainting depends on multiple things. Such as

  • Dealing project
  • Color of area
  • Type of paint
  • Number of vertical and horizontal coats

Well, a short reply would be that it would cost around $1 to $4 per square foot if you go for a professional painter. But if you opt for a DIY project, your average cost will be 30 to 60 cents per sq. feet.

Best Aluminum Siding Paint For Home Use

1. Vinyl Renu The Original Color for Aluminum Siding

Vinyl Renu The Original Color for Aluminum Siding

Are you a little allergic to odor and looking for an odor-free metal roofing paint? Then the water-based Vinyl Renu is your go-to pick paint brand. Let’s catch glimpses of its admiring features!

Self-Healing Technology

It comes with a unique mechanism to restore color. The dye penetrates a little deep to reverse the aging of the surface. Hence, it does not allow the ugly green stains to harm your outdoor paint.

UV Protector

As a metal paint, it serves as a shield to protect from the deadly UV rays. Stay assured that your roofing will never fade or oxidize even when it is old.


The hue carries water-based exterior paint elements and no VOC. Hence, it holds no chemicals that possess a health or eco risk. No toxic odor, so soothing to apply!


You get the freedom to apply with a roller, spray, or brush. With no messy cleaning or taping, it lasts longer. Suitable to paint your green roof!


  • Does not oxidize
  • Eco-friendly and does not allow green stains to return
  • Restores primary color and shine
  • It needs no sanding or priming
  • No toxic odor releases


  • You may find the texture a bit run if not used as per the instructions

2. KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Interior/Exterior Latex paint

KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking

Do you wish for a smooth and level finishing while adding colors to your brick and aluminum roofing? The KILZ Latex paint promises you the best in terms of durability and texture. Let’s amaze you with its traits!

Perfect Sealant

Its water-based form acts to block stains and seals the porous surfaces tightly. Thus, with the right texture, you can easily hide stains and other flaws in leveling facades.

Excellent Adhesive

The house paint comes with the super adhesive property. So it sticks firmly and locks the dye. Be it any interior or exterior drywall, wood, masonry, aluminum, and brick.

Works for High-Humid Areas

The latex pigment serves as a shield to resist molds, rust, chalk, and grease. Such traits make it ideal to use in areas that are high in humidity and warmth. No need for siding repair in any weather!


It caters to low VOCs, no unpleasant odor, and easy clean-ups with a consistent coat of color. What else could you urge for in the best paint for aluminum siding!


  • Offers uniform finish
  • Hinders mass of mold to grow
  • Each gallon gives coverage of 300-400 square feet
  • No toxic use of volatile chemicals
  • Quick to get dry


  • Lags to hide heavy stains

3. Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Flat Aluminum Primer

 Rust-Oleum 8781502 Stops Rust Flat Aluminum Primer

Are you fishing around for the best aluminum base coat for your siding? Rust-Oleum Primer scores to roll out to work on your galvanized metal. Let’s figure out how it deems so!

Weatherproof Nature

The priming effect added with the interior or exterior paint bonds tightly to the façade. So, you are sure to save your metal cladding from corrosion in all weather. 

Resists Rust

A flat coat priming of the oil-based formula ensures a protective layer. So, the durability enhances and prevents rust to the outdoor paint. Be it a rainy day or a dry summer.

Enamel Coat

The primer acts as an adhesive base to suit all climates. You will find no dents on the façade, for its coating being firm and glossy like enamel.


You’ll find it dries in less than two hours, allowing you to touch. It is suitable as a base for the use of acrylic latex paints and aerosols on galvanized metals.


  • Corrosion proof
  • 2 hours of full cure time
  • Excellent in adhesive trait
  • Acts as a long-lasting protective coat
  • Free of oxidation


  • Use on guard to avoid irritation on the skin
  • Be careful to dry-clean; otherwise, paints may peel

4. Prestige Exterior Paint, Ice Blue

Prestige Exterior Paint, Ice Blue

Do you rely on high ends acrylic mobile home or house paints for your aluminum siding? It’s time you give a painting trial with the Prestige’s Ice Blue color. You’ll love its high hiding mechanism.

Dual Utility

You won’t need to cut your budget and get an extra primer. It allows ultra-flat and smooth finish with its performance as a primer and paint. Uniform two coats of vertical or horizontal application work the best!


Prior to dyeing, you will find no more than 5 grams of chemicals. But its eco-friendly formula ensures low levels of volatile chemicals and odors.

Resists Mold

Each priming and paint coat adds to the tough trait of your aluminum or metal siding. Its sealing coverage allows no rust or molds to nest in the material.


The paint brand gives you assurance to hide flaws as dents or patches. So, a matte finish with gloss is what you’ll gain in a few coats!


  • 100% pure, acrylic latex paint
  • Ease of wiping with regular water and soap
  • Great in terms of coverage
  • No need for extra primer use
  • Eco-friendly with low VOC


  • Low heat and high humidity may affect the time of drying up the coat

5. KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Interior/Exterior Latex paint

KILZ 2 Multi-Surface Latex paint

In 2015, KILZ made it to rank as the paint brand of that year with its versatility. For mild stains on walls and metal façade, KILZ tops your consideration. Let’s know more!

Low Odor

Who wants a suffocating solvent odor in their paints? That’s why minimizing any unwanted smell of the outdoor paint takes care of that factor—no toxic release.

Multi-Surface Use

It is always ready to seal all kinds of the porous surface. You’re sure to find it working on bricks, drywall, plaster, masonry with ease. It bonds to PVC, vinyl, glass, aluminum, and other metal top-coats.

Highly Bonded Priming

The product ensures to adhere to any tough to paint surface when acting as a primer. It is because of its unique latex and water-based primer. 


We added it to our list of best paint for aluminum siding for its strong adhesion and stain blocking trait. You will no more get upset with the chalky façade.


  • Dries in less than half an hour
  • Latex primer offers more paint adhesion
  • Per gallon serves to cover about 300 square feet painting
  • Resists grips of stains
  • Smooth sailing and cost-efficient


  • You may take a little while to learn how to mix to get the desired texture

Can You Paint Aluminum Siding A Darker Color?

Well, being a paint and color expert, we would advise not to use darker shades. It is because, as you know, dark hues tend to absorb more sun heat. Hence, paints may get buckled in an ugly way.

That’s why it sounds better to paint aluminum and metal siding in a lighter shade. You can even go for the hues with a finish that seems pretty original.

How Long Does Exterior or Interior Paint Last On Aluminum Siding?

Well, a typical galvanized metal siding paint serves to last about 5-10 years. But it may vary for some reasons like:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Application
  • Rust resisting trait

Can You Paint On Old Aluminum Siding?

Yes, of course, you can paint any old piece of aluminum wallboard. But for that, you need to make sure:

  • Sanding well the surface to remove powders
  • Priming accurately with one or two coats
  • Wait until it dries but doesn’t get cracked

After that, hold your painting brush or roller or spray and begin!


You’ve made it to the edge, ready with your decision. It makes us sure that all your troubles have met a befitting solution with our reviews and guides. Now you are in deep touch with the best paint for aluminum siding. 

So, you won’t have to keep it forever with your fading and cracked metal façade. Why replace the whole setup when you can save your bucks with a cozy use of paints!

A few coats can enhance the look of your outdoor paint, making it last a lifetime. You will not have to take the pain of frequent scrubbing and cleaning too. The gloss retains the colors also.

It is high time you upgrade your home’s exterior by painting your aluminum side roof!

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