How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost: DIY Wet Basement Leak Repair Expenses

To maintain a sound hygiene of your home, you must ensure a waterproof basement. And when it goes to that, how much does basement waterproofing cost? This is the prime concern of many people who reach the conclusion of having a waterproof basement.

It is an important task to waterproof your basement in order to have a mold/ bacteria or fungus free environment around you. However, even if many of us think of having a waterproof basement, we lag a clear idea on every other expense associated with the task.

In our article today, you will have a proper walkthrough of the costing method of the whole process of basement waterproofing.

Average Cost To Waterproof A Basement

The main criteria that influence the cost of having a waterproof basement are the amount of work and the size of your basement.

Based on the many available online data, on average, it can cost between 1800$ to 6500$ to make your basement waterproof.

However, this can vary if you add or lessen down any minor or major amount of task. You can at least spend only 500$ to have a minimal waterproof basement. And at most 12000$ to have an entire makeover aside from having a waterproof basement.

Cost Of Waterproofing vs. Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is usually a lesser investment than waterproofing. This is because damp proofing only secures your basement from moisture, whereas waterproofing offers complete protection against moisture and any other liquid form, such as a splash of water or rain.

This is why damp proofing usually costs 2-6$ per square foot, and how much does basement waterproofing cost? It will be 3-10$ for the same level.

But according to the experts, it is always best to invest a little more in the budget and ensure complete protection for your basement.

How Much Does It Cost To Waterproof A Basement (Estimation)

As said earlier, waterproofing the basement is not a simple task. Multiple factors add to the task and prepare a final invoice for this method. We are breaking down every single factor in short here for your convenience.

1. Labor cost

At some point, you can DIY yourself with this waterproofing task. However, in most cases, you will need help from professionals. In this case, an additional charge will be added. Each labor can charge from 40-100$ on this task depending on the amount of time they are investing here and the level of their expertise.

2. Location

Depending on the location of your basement and house, charges can vary to some extent. Professionals can add an additional factor of physical distance to the pricing list. Then again, some basements can be easily accessed, whereas some are located at a small crawl space from your house. These factors will add up to the final pricing.

It can cost up to 3-10$ more depending on the physical location of the basement and of your house.

3. Size and Layout

On average, a 1000 square feet basement is a common size for more or less every house in our area. Most of these basements are concrete built.

A submerged basement will often make it harder for professionals to get the job done easily. At the same time, a common daylight basement will be easier to manage. While waterproofing the basement, these factors will add to the pricing list.

In common, for every square foot of the basement, 3-10$ is considered ideal for waterproofing, excluding other factors.

4. Interior vs. Exterior Sealing

While planning to waterproof your basement with the professionals, they may suggest applying sealant from the outside to ensure that no liquid passes.

Sealing from outside will cost 15-20$ extra per square foot.

5. Type of Sealant

Sealant is the most important part of the waterproofing process. A quality sealant can provide a robust service for up to 5-10 years. Per can of sealant cost up to 30-200$ including labor charge for your basement.

Waterproofing Cost Per Square Foot

For any kind of basement, whether they are masonry or concrete based, it will cost up to 3-10$ per square foot.

When Do I Need Basement Waterproofing?

Your basement will show you signals once it needs waterproofing sealant as a last resort. There will be water leakage from windows or walls. The entire basement will be filled with moisture and a feeling of dampness that won’t just let go. These are some vital signals that should never be ignored.

Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

Of course, it does. A waterproof basement will increase the hygiene of your entire home. And make sure the dampness or mold doesn’t spread anywhere else. It can be used as a beautiful, liveable space and add additional value to your home and pricing when you sell the house.

Can You Seal A Basement From The Inside?

Yes, you can seal the basement wall from the inside. To do so, first get a foil test done. If it shows that your basement wall is soaking water and keeping a larger portion of the wall wet all the time, it is time for you to use interior sealant. You can use extreme, waterproof paints like DRYLOK or Zinsser Watertite.

How Much Should I Budget For A Basement Waterproofing Job?

Budgets For A Basement Waterproofing Job

Some certain elements and causes add to the final pricing. Let us give you a quick briefing on the possible involved facts that will cost you.

Foundation Waterproofing Cost

This is one of the major and most beneficial methods of waterproofing your basement. This method includes digging out soil near and surrounding your foundation and inserting a well drainage system near the exterior part.

Based on the size of your house, this can cost between 7000$ to 35000$. This process also requires proper authorization from the owner of the house as it is a large amount of task and includes both the interior and the exterior part of the basement walls to be refurbished.

There are also some other issues involved in the pricing, like how badly the inner condition of the basement is affected. We will be discussing them briefly here.

Mold: It is not uncommon that mold will rest in peace inside your basement in the given damped condition. Eliminating molds is also a part of waterproofing the entire floor, which in total will cost you around 1300$ for a 1000 square feet basement.

Grading: If you have a gardening area and its slope is directly guided to your foundation, the regular water like rain or gardening water will gradually get into your home and deteriorate the situation of your basement.

This is why although grading is a choice, it is an essential step to secure your basement. It may cause around 1000$ to 3500$ more to initiate the process of grading.

Removal of Standing Water: When your foundation is at its extreme dampening condition, it is quite a common scenario to have surface water standing in the drive-away or basement. Professionals will insert cracked concrete on the affected surface to improve the situation. Per feet will cost you 22-25$ in this process, depending on the nature of your foundation.

Proper Installation of Downpipes and Gutters: Downpipes and gutters help a lot by improving a proper drainage system. It keeps water away from your foundation wall and helps them channel toward the sewers. For every foot of downpipes and gutter installation, it will cost you 19-22$.

Interior Waterproofing Cost

It is needless to say how important waterproofing is for your interior basement. It can save your interior basement area along with the precious collection of woods and materials in it. For having a complete interior waterproofing, you can follow these instructions below:

Epoxy Injection For Crack Repair: Epoxy injection method is a great way to repair water damage cracks of your home. It is a proven and very successful method to reinstate the structure of your walls. This can cost between 2200$ to 7000$.

Dehumidifiers: For an immediate solution, you can use dehumidifiers. Although dehumidifiers are not entirely dependable and they can cause more damage if applied from outside. You can use them for some time and it will cost you around 1500$ to 2200$.

Waterproofing Paint: Waterproofing paint is a possible solution for water damage. This can manage your interior basement leakage for some time but in the long term, the waterproofing method is the best and most potential solution. Each can of paint will cost 18$ to 250$ excluding labor charge.

Sump Pump Installation: Sump pump installation is a very useful process for eliminating water damage from your basement. This process is highly effective with a subfloor pressure relief system. The sump pump only will cost you 550$ to 1300$ depending on the type of your basement.

Vapor Barrier: You can also consider inserting a vapor barrier in your basement. Although this process is mainly for crawl space, it can also be evenly effective in case of underground flooded basement. This process requires help from the professionals and can at most cost you 1700$-3500$.

Interior French Drains: Inserting french drains is an easy solution to drain water out of your perimeter. Usually inserting interior french drains cost more than exterior ones. In total, a bill above 2000$ per 50 feet is considered fair for this installation.

Exterior Waterproofing Cost

The basement waterproofing process can be done on either side (exterior or interior) or by combining both of them. It is quite a wise idea to waterproof the exterior of your basement also. Here are the expenditures of exterior waterproofing.

Excavation: Excavation is a common part of exterior waterproofing. Especially when you are living in a tight area, you might need to excavate some parts of your foundation to reach the basement. Depending on the amount of work, this can cost you 80$-200$ per foot.

Weeping Tiles: Inserting weeping tiles is a quick and clever trick to secure exterior water damage. Weeping tiles are usually pipes with holes. They collect water and drain them somewhere else from your exterior walls. This can cost you up to 1000$ to 10000$.

Exterior French Drains: French drains are usually inserted around your foundation. They channel the water to another destination before it finds its way to your basement. And usually cost between 900$-1600$ per 50 feet.
Window well drain: Another nice trick to improve basement dampness is to install window well drains. They also serve the purpose of emergency exits. It can cost you between 500$ to 2000$ depending on the size and quality.

Foundation Membrane: A foundation membrane fills up any crack that is present in your exterior wall. They collect the water and transport it away by gravity. Inserting the founding membrane will require help from professionals. A complete insertion in your entire foundation or basement will cost approx 5000$ to 10000$.

Basement Waterproofing Cost: DIY vs. Hiring A Professional

By now, we all know the importance of waterproofing the basement. DIY can seem exciting and something worth taking the risk. However, you can try the basics of waterproofing procedures. But to ensure long lasting service, you must seek professional help.

Professionals have been working in this area for years now. And they know the best what will suit your basement and how much of it is needed. They are familiar with recent technologies and offer a quality jobs.

It might take some extra penny, but it’s really worth it to have trouble and hassle free, safe and error free service.

How To Save Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Based on the nature of repairing your basement, it can cost around 3000$-10000$. Reducing the cost can be quite a challenging task if you want to have a well drainage system.

However, if you maintain a proper look over your basement, such as gutter and crack maintenance, downspout extension, ensuring a well drainage system, these things can add up to slow decay of your basement system. In the long run, you can avoid inserting additional equipment, which will save you some budget.

Final Words

Having a basement underneath your house is very useful. But it can also get very troublesome with a wet basement. However, our article covers, more or less, every possible solution for water damage and ensures a waterproof foundation with an elaboration of the associated cost.

So, How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost? We hope you have received useful answers to this question in our guide. Share our article to let others know as well.

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