The 7 Best Deck Paint For Old Wood Decks Restoration to Make it Living – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

It seems our decks meet a lot of traffic on different occasions and personal downtime. Soon you will be seeing the woods getting aged or peeling paints — sooner or later! The old wood decks need to freshen up. The longer you wait to paint the old deck the more it will be lost, the job will become harder and harder after fleeing the time.

We have come up with market top brand models based on consumer reviews and professional recommendations. These deck stains and paints are tested on different surfaces before they open in the market. It’s almost rare to get into any difficulties until you follow the user instructions.

Our crowded old decks need UV-protected wood stains or paints for going longer. To ease the task, we consider the best old wood deck paints list for restoring your old deck structures and giving a fresh look.

Best Deck Paint For Old Wood Buyer’s Guide

Before we dig down the buying guides look our experts’ top pickings:

  1. KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood (Editor Choice)
  2. SaverSystems #1 Deck (Top Picks)
  3. Woodrich Timber 5 Gallon Stain (Most Popular)
  4. RTG Anti-Slip Deck Paint (Editor Choice)
  5. Rust-Oleum 319384 RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer (Editor Choice)

The Surface of The Deck

As a homeowner, you must face trouble to use wood restoration paints on your deck surface. You should hear different myths and thoughts of peoples painting vertically or horizontally. But there are two major points you need to follow before starting paint restoration.

  1. Choosing the paint brand
  2. Prepare and applying it properly

If you choose the best brand and follow their instructions, you will end up with great finish and desire satisfaction.

Area of Coverage

Often deck owners do not understand how many paints actually require, they will buy more or end up with less paints. It’s necessary that you are fully conscious of the capacity to finish the project.

You will see the reputed companies clearly mention how much area their single gallon paint can cover. Like, a gallon of 4x Rustoleum paint can cover an area of 80 square feet. If you use more thick paints (10x or 20x), the coverage will be less.


Popular brands come up with a wide range of concrete and wooden paint colors that you can choose your desired shades and colors. For example, Rustoleum offers 60 different shades of restoration paint to pick for your deck. Each of them has texture and smooth finish.

If you look at INSL-X, they offer the latest and better colors compared to others. They are easy to apply for making your old wooden structures great again.

Easy to Apply Applications

If you have experience in painting your home, then it will be easier to apply the restoration paint. Most of the paint from the market has easy drying and coverage options.

The success of applying the application lies on weather conditions and well preparation. It has been said that your project can bring a perfect result between 50-90 degrees temperatures. Just make sure deck surfaces are clean and out of substance, so that the wood surfaces can adhere the paint properly.

7 Best Deck Restore Paint For Old Wooden Deck

1. KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood

KILZ Over Armor Textured Wood

If you are hesitating to buy the best deck paint for old wood, KILZ is a fantastic one to beautify your home. This paint is best to cover any sizable area, like we did our (20 ft x 22 ft) 20 years old deck. It’s an amazing texture coating to add your deck surfaces. We added other major highlights, which makes it the best ever.

Made For Any Surface

If your old deck messes with splinters and pitted wood, this Over Armor Resurfacer made it back to life. Its acrylic resin provides durable smooth and texture finish in wood and concrete. This advanced formula bridges the wood surface cracks and hides the imperfections to give a uniform look.

The paint is capable of restoring the horizontal and vertical damaged wood. It is also suitable for porches and docks surfaces. It comes with different solid colors on user’s recommendation. The coating is great in protecting concrete pool decks, patios and remains intact the sidewalks.

The thickness of this paint easily covers the surface and leaves no cracks and splinters up to ¼’’. A single gallon can finish up to 75 sq. ft. and provides 2 coats for achieving maximum durability.

Note: Before applying the application do soap and water clean up. Make sure surfaces are dry and debris free. Apply the 2nd coat after 4-6 hours. If you do not want to be disappointed, do not allow traffic to enter within 72 hours. The main drawback is, it’s not applicable for driveways surface and garage floors

2. SaverSystems #1 Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

SaverSystems #1 Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

This product is represented as both paint and sealer. If you are not sure which to buy (stain or paint), this will be your #1 choice for restoring an old wood deck. Though it’s a deck paint, it acts more likely as stains. You will love this solid stain available in different color variations and natural finishing.

Great For Wood Surface

This stain is less complicated in applying on a new deck. But an adorable to hide cracks and imperfections wood grains of old wood. It’s a water based low odor paint that doesn’t bother you too long. However, it seems a little bit thinner than quality paints, possible to achieve a decent coverage at least in 2 coats.

The paint is used to coat horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. There is no texture, a solid paint that absorbs texture naturally from pressure treated lumber, pine and whatever wood surfaces you are using.

The initial coats need at least 6 hours to dry before the 2nd application. Finally, the stain soaks well by the wood and protect it from UV rays before the wood gets fading & graying

Note: The job can finish using a paint sprayer gun. But we highly recommended a brush or roller for smooth finishing. If you apply this stain on old paints, ensure the surface is smooth and clean. Otherwise, all you need to power wash and scrape the peeling paint for better results.

3. INSL-X TS331009A-01 Tough Shield Wood Floor

INSL-X TS331009A-01 Tough Shield Wood Floor

INSL-X is another masterclass acrylic enamel paint for both wood and concrete surfaces. It has strong features with glossy finish. If you already planned to restore your old or damaged deck, this is recognised as the best deck paint for wood. For those with a group of friends and family that enjoy on deck, this paint finish is a keeper.

Best Wood Tough Shield

The biggest highlight is this restore deck paint is waterborne. It can resist abrasion from exterior or interior wood floors. As we come to learn later, for being rugged and durable it is convenient to stand any weather conditions.

We are completely satisfied with its good wearing qualities on surfaces like concrete and wood. With mind blowing seven shades, a single gallon paint can cover 350 to 460 square feet.  If you regularly clean the deck with detergents, oils, grease or use a brush to scrub, the paint will remain intake. The INSL-X doesn’t come off or crack even in a high traffic. But let it dry at least for 5 days, a clear coat or sealer on top make it more long lasting.

Note: This deck restoration product is ideal for light commercial and residential application. The main downside is that it is not suitable for use on garage and car parking surfaces. Remember, cold weather can destroy coat hardiness, be sure the temperature is above 50 °F.

4. Woodrich Timber 5 Gallon Stain for Wood Decks

Woodrich Timber 5 Gallon Stain

If you’ve been frustrated with your deck paint for long, because it requires refinishing on a yearly basis. It’s very troublesome for any deck owner. Good news is that Woodrich 5 gallon timber deck resurfacer has a flawless finish to restore weathered and worn wooden decks.

Perfect Penetrating Stain

The stain is the “keeper” for DIY homeowners or contractors, who want to achieve no risk restoration for their old neglected and sad looking deck wood. Its three step process makes it possible for easy maintenance, even previous applications don’t need to strip.

Unlike “stains” it acts more like paint that soaks beautifully in the wood. The Transparent Oxide Pigments application provides a large coverage and highlights natural wood grain color to beautify the deck. Trust us it’s worthy to fill the cracks of old stuff to look new.

This timber oil can be applied through a garden hose and sprayer or using other methods. Also, easy to apply on new deck wood, which ensures long-lasting weather shields. We believe you will impress after seeing the shiny finishing looks.

Note: This product company offers test color kits, don’t leave the chance to get your right color. It dries quickly, no need to wait so long to re-apply the second coat.

5. RTG Anti-Slip Deck Paint

RTG Anti-Slip Deck Paint

RTG deck paint is a classy choice to give your outdoor old slippery space a beautiful and glossy look. Applying a few coats turn worn and weathered wood into welcoming and cozy. The surface remains warming, beautiful and slip resistant — even if it gets wet.

DIY-Friendly Paint

This all in one water-based polyurethane is eco friendly. It can stand up to hot, wet and heavy foot traffic situations. RTG isn’t abrasive like other coatings. The traction additive makes solid anti slip coverage for bare feet and tender paws.

As it’s water based, you can clean up rust, splatters and peeling paint quickly with water and soap. You don’t need to be an expert or buy extra tools to apply this paint a roller, brush or sprayer can finish this job. If you want a deep smooth texture on the surface, a foam or nap roller (1/4″-3/8, 1/2 + 3/4) is great.

RTG deck & patio anti slip paint has four neutral color shades, drying can finish in 1 hour. If the deck needs a second coat, re-apply it after 4-6 hours. It doesn’t provide wide coverage, 80-100 square feet per quart. 

Note: The paint has UV protected formula to save the wood from being reddish. The law odor VOC makes it comfortable to use the indoors. Compared to the others this non-slip paint has better value.

6. Rust-Oleum 319384 RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer

Rust-Oleum 319384 RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer

Do you feel dishonor with your neglected old deck? Want to transform it to a new look, Rust-Oleum deck resurfacer is your savior finishing this wonderful job. Not only does it take care of your deck, this best deck paint for old wood use to restore any wood and concrete patio surfaces.

Superior Restoring Coatings

The application of this coating is 20x thicker and more adhesive than others paint, that allows to restore minor cracks and defects. Besides, its 24 hours drying capability makes it more affordable for foot traffics and furniture.

With a single gallon it can cover a low figure of only 40 square feet. To cover a bigger deck, you have to buy more deck resurfacer. A single coat is enough to cover all crack and dents of your wooden structures. Due to its high thickness, it is impossible to work with a regular brush. So you have to buy a thick roller to cover this. We suggest you change it after applying every 8 gallons. If you want a good coverage within a short time, this deck restore is a perfect one to enjoy your deck much sooner.

Note: The water-based acrylic formula designed to update your worn and weathered deck and can serve you year after year. This highly built deck resurfacer has waterproof protections and slip resistance wooden structure to get back life in any humidity surface. 

7. INSL-X Acrylic Old Wood Restoration 

INSL-X Acrylic Old Wood Restoration

INSL-X never disappoints their users through their products. This great acrylic coating has a tough surface, well coverage and quick drying efficiency. If you aren’t satisfied with your previous uses, it will be a great addition for your old deck.

Made For Convenience

This is a less complicated acrylic enamel formula that covers your older wooden structure comprehensively. However, you can apply this paint coat both interior and exterior. But we can tell that its anti-abrasion makes it the best deck paint for old wood decks. No matter how aged wood you are dealing, we are impressed to see the finishing result of INSL-X.

It comes with super durability, thickness and applying on the surface is easy to go. Very convenient to wash with soap and water. And the saddle brown looks beautiful on the wooden deck. You just need to apply 2 coats to settle down all cracks and splinters. Finally, we were surprised to see the coverage done with a gallon, that is good in value.

Tips To Paint An Old Deck

Restoring your deck is inexpensive and doesn’t require much work than replacing it all. It’s a far better option to restore your old deck for longer use. We mention a few techniques so that you can get a better finish. 

  1. Clean the Deck: Remove all furniture from the deck, use a broom or brush to clean the debris and others abstracts. Now time to scrub the old paint, dirt and power wash the whole area. Let the wood dry for an hour.
  1. Make the Surface Smooth: Use a paint scraper to remove the peeling paint. After that sandpaper or sanding machine is enough to smooth the surface.
  1. Fix the Damage Wood: You can fix the little crack adding putty on the spot. If there is any badly damaged wood found, you need to replace it all. Seal the wood using new rusty nails and apply rust-resistant primer on it.
  1. Apply the Paints: Now mask the doors, all windows, walls and railings with plastics and seal them with painters tape. Apply the paints in the exterior deck using a roller and paint pad. If you use a thin paint, then you need to recoat it.

How Thick Coating Your Old Deck Needs?

The thickness of the painting relies on up to you. It’s vital to calculate the paint thickness before you use it for deck restoration. The deck restoration paints we mention have 4x, 10x and 20x level of thickness. You can easily compare them to regular paints. They are very reliable to give your old wood a very thick deck coating.

Those paints are possible to hide wood ugly looks, cracks, scratch, bubbles and other damages. You may face some difficulties applying thick paints. It will require a couple of brushes and a high level of exertion to finish coatings effectively.

Should I Paint My Old Deck?

Should I Paint My Old Deck

Every homeowner should take good maintenance of their exterior decks. An unprotected deck can crack and wrap with no time. However, older painted decks would need restoring depending on the durability and impact it would observe. As a homeowner, you should decide the way you want to see your deck. Only proper maintenance causes less cost and enormous enjoyment with a gorgeous deck.

“Is it better to paint your old deck?” This is a common query that homeowners heard all the time — yes! There are plenty of reasons to do that. Thick deck paint covers the wood cracks and provides a uniform look. But over time it will crack or peel off soon. Take a close look at the details to restore your old and weathered deck.

  1. It’s fairly easy to finish the painting, once it’s done it’s a piece of cake to maintain. A quality paint job is required for enjoying at least 4 to 5 years or more. If you don’t get confidence in yourself, hire a trusted professional for a perfect finish.
  1. Paint has no limited color options for your deck. You can apply paint color matching your home exterior. It is an excellent way to unify your deck paint with the home exterior.
  1. The old and weathered deck displays many cracks and peeling paints and it might be its last lifeline. If this happened, painting is a nice move to mask all the flaws. You can restore the old wooden deck like a new one. 

Is It Better To Paint Or Stain An Old Deck?

As an essential part of the home, deck is a good option to spend family hours and personal downtime. But this outdoor space required good maintenance. Without proper protection, the wood gets old and cracks.

“What is better for the old deck paint or stain?”

Paint or Stain

It depends on the priority. If you previously used paint, then it is a better option to do that again. Before applying the new coating, you have to strip all old paint from your deck. The sandpaper or sander will be a reliable option to do that. Paint offering different colors, even multicolors. It is water-resistant to protect the wood surface from water intrusion and help to fill up the gaps and cracks. Paint is also more UV protected and it can hold the protection longer than the stain.

Paint receives a lot of traffic, snow and rain over the year. This causes the paint failures. Stains are more likely to paint. It can soak by the wood that defends the deck from any seasonal changes and peel.

Moreover, applying stains show the wood grain and consider more natural wood looks than paints. But it’s not solid protection against moisture and UV rays.

Can I Paint Over Old Deck Paint?

The answer is yes! It’s necessary to scrap all cracking and old paints before applying a new coat. You can use a brush or scraping tools to smooth the surface. Keep the surface completely clean and dry. Apply the first coating and let it dry. If it needs a 2nd coating, do the same.

For a successful restoration use only deck paint. It’s ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. So, test your paints before buying a bunch of them.

Should I Power Wash My Old Deck Before Painting?

Before painting the old deck, you must wash all the debris and old paints or it will fail the new finish prematurely. There is a good chance it doesn’t sit on the old finish. Probably, you can see it peel off or rush inside the finish.

Power Wash Old Deck

Power washing an old wood deck is an efficient way to ready your deck, but not a prerequisite. In fact, it is a great idea to finish the job quickly. Using a power washer is harmless and effectively wears off the old finish or paint, gray wood and debris.

The power washer itself is enough to finish the job, you don’t need to buy other materials. The power washer can be powerful to damage your old decking wood. You can use a top with a wide mouth and hold it from 3 to 6 inches to avoid it. If it doesn’t provide enough satisfaction, then you can scrub the area with the deck cleaner before you power wash. Some power washer is available to use the detergent directly. You can spray the detergent lightly and wait for it to work then spray water with the power washer to clean the deck.

What Is The Longest-lasting Deck Stain?

Stain on wood decking can be lasting depending on the time frame, surface condition and shade. You don’t need to re-apply dark paints on your fresh outdoor deck over the 4 years. Though the stain can last depending on the impact it can absorb at that time.

If you are looking to re-apply stain on an existing stained surface, make sure the surface is well cleaned and intake. If the old stain exfoliates or peeling off, you can’t apply a new finish until sanding it. You can use oil or solvent-based stains, clear UV guard would be a great addition for a perfect finish.

Three types of stains are usable on your requirements. However, solid stains are water-resistance and easily covers the whole wood grain, which ensures its longevity. If you want to give the old deck a natural wood color, you will love the shade of semi-transparent stain. But it doesn’t stay long like the solid stains. You can expect the durability of two to three years. Whether applying clear stain is a bit different than others. It lets you see the natural wood grain and usually needs to apply it every year. 


There is no way to replace your old deck wood, until it is needed. Your deck may get a little cracks or scratch on the wooden structures or maybe paint is peeling, all you need is the best deck paint for old wood to bring back it life again. A deck restoration paint fills all the cracks and corrosion, making it beautiful as new.

Moreover, we recommend you to get a long lasting deck paint for your aged deck instead of replacing it. Don’t forget to see our list — you will definitely love them to apply.

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