6 Best Metallic Paint for Walls 2021: Give Your Living Room A Nice Touch

As a homeowner, you’re sure to take a couple of projects to renovate your home. Painting the home walls is one of them. Be it interior or exterior; it always aims to beautify.

For home’s interiors, latex stains for walls have always been a traditional voice. But it’s time to break the norm. Why not pick up the best metallic paints for walls!

Metallic paint is a blended form of metal flakes. When the first view of walls painting makes room in your mind, you only notice its aesthetic benefits. But metallic stains have more to offer.

You’re sure to get a reflective plane that makes your dull room’s walls glow. Don’t get tricked by its glossy finish. It also builds extra protection to fight all odds.

If you too prefer such tints with a metallic finish, stay right here. Analyzing all its advantages, we’ve skimmed off top-notch paints for you. Reviews plus buyer’s guide are on its way.

Let’s bring you the real deal!

6 Best Metallic Paint For Living Room Walls 2021

1. Modern Masters ME150-32 Metallic Silver

Modern Masters ME150-32 Metallic Silver

For large scale architecture or DIY projects with a high-end finish, Modern Masters excels. It offers a solvent silver shade. Its features can let you change your home’s ambient in no time.

Pearlescent Pigment

Its intense color formula combines traditional and pearlescent pigment with metal particles. As a result, your living rooms’ walls get an extra shine that won’t wane away sooner or later.

3-Layer Coverage

A surprising trait that will impress you with no doubt is its spot hiding quality. For that, it offers three levels of coverage as to such opaque, sheer and semi-opaque. 2-3 coats are enough!

Multi-Chemical Blend

The paint ranks in terms of performance and durability. It binds with mixed metals and chemicals. But you can make it work on all surfaces, leaving no toxic impact.


  • Water-based paint dries fast
  • Provides multi-use with extra shimmer
  • No toxic element added
  • Sheer stains with translucent coats
  • Opaque color hides more stains


  • You may not get the ease of using rolling on anyway.
  • If not mixed well, you may end up with an uneven look.


You can use this MM silver finish stain with versatility. It brings the shame polish on the ceiling, doors, trims, and walls. Perfect for commercial use when used with an extended roller!

2. Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum 253537 Metallic Accents Paint

When you’ve got a small project to hit off, you need a sheen paint that can go far with little use. Rust-Oleum puts forth such a gold metallic color that suits well on both interior and exterior. Look how it excels!

Shimmery Finish

Do you want a shine that doesn’t wane off? To make sure such a rich shimmery wish comes true, the paint contains beads of real mica. Apply two coats and get max reflection.

Easy Application

Your hands start aching when you use any regular paint. But that’s not the case here. Apply in one step to gain the gloss you want. Use water and soap to clean the best metallic paint for walls.


If your dream is to paint with an elegant finish, you may assume that it’ll cost your time balance. But Rust-Oleum breaks your delusion. It dries to move in no matter of 30 minutes.


  • Mica beads to give a metal-like look
  • 32 fl. Oz. enough to cover 105 sq. feet
  • Water-proof and not ignitable
  • It comes with one-step applications
  • Transmits zero odor


  • One coat may fail to give coverage
  • A little thick in consistency, so you may find it hard to thin


The little interior wall paint makes sure that your tiles reflect max light with the accent of light. It brings a rich decorative touch.

3.Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint

Modern Masters MM591 Matte Metallic Paint

Whether you’re a craftsman or painter, you’re sure to have soft corners for MM matte stains. It rules the industrial use being the best metallic paint for walls, trims, and furniture. Let’s grasp more!

Non-Tarnishing Stain

A peeled paint is enough to tarnish the lavish look of your home. That’s why the metallic paint walls hold real metal flakes. Hence the color shines in an extraordinary way that doesn’t fade.  

Semi-Opaque Finish

Metallic paints offer polished facets, and all know that. But with a semi-opaque finish, it loads high pigments. Thus, each paint stroke targets to hide away all imperfections with no peeling.

Safe to Use

Odor and fumes are the two most annoying things that paint brings. Days of suffocation ends with its eco-friendly composition. You’ll find it releasing no smell or harmful gases.


  • Provides strong coating with a smooth finish
  • Radiance never fades away
  • Half an hour enough to let it dry and touch
  • Sticks on bare metal facet
  • Covers up to 100 sq. ft when brush or roller used


  • Care needed when thinning
  • Dry is too quick to handle any mishap


To get rid of the rough coating your old paints offer, it’s time to use Modern Masters stains. Its metallic silver wall paint is a choice that will never make you remorse.

4. Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum 255269 Metallic Accents Paint

Rust-Oleum has always proved its worth as a champion paint collection. Its metal accents are no different. If you hold interests in a small jar that fits your budget, too, glance at its qualities with no delay!


It’s a solution that acts as resilient latex paint. As a result, with one paint coat, you can build a protective layer. Hence it allows no rust to form, taking your sheen appearance to the next step.

Iridescent Finish

Metallic tiles are of no use if they can’t make a sure reflection of light. Your paint job will tread to the top with its pure beads of mica infusion. All the metal particles bring dazzling effects.

Easy Cleanup

Messing up with regular paint and washing may cost you a lifetime. But the color ceases all such hassles with easy to use and clean methods. All your washing needs warm water and soap.


  • Comes with formula soluble to liquid
  • Scratch-proof to cease coming off
  • Ensures protective coating for rust
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Drying or curing takes less time


  • It may not fit your large-scale use.


You’ll get a long-lasting paint solution that never discredits its performance. So, pop up your wall colors with extra shine. But its mini size may fly in the ointment.

5. Studio Finishes Molten Metallics

Studio Finishes Molten Metallics

Are you interested in a metalized dramatic wall painting? Then it’s time to scoop to Studio Finishes Molten Metal-Glow to favor your painting luck. If you’re curious about its unique qualities, let’s know!


The latex paint users think metal paint only shines. Well, the Studio paints crush that illusion with their durable materials. You’re sure to enjoy its gloss in all adverse weather with no rust or decay.

Hammered Finish

As the best metallic paint for walls, the Studio comes with alkyd resin. Thus, it can bring out high gloss catering to a hammered metal finish. Be it a new or previously painted facet.

Application Method

It’s advisable not to apply the paint at a temperature below 10C. Brush, roller, conventional or airless spray, all works. But always roll in a unidirectional way and check your spray tip range.


  • Offers hard, durable finish
  • Maintains strong and rich glossy effect
  • Needs 2 thin coats for total coverage
  • Easy to apply with multi-tools
  • Superior inhibition to rust


  • Second coating may take a whole night to dry
  • Prep the surface before applications. Otherwise, the gloss may disappear


The silver color works on a variety of surfaces such as trims, furniture, ceilings, and walls. It lasts long when you use keeping its direction and safety measures in mind.

6. Jacquard Products 442392 Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint

Jacquard Products 442392 Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint

The wall finish that compliments your interior and furniture color is the best. And to hold your breath comes the Jacquard Products. Let’s figure out what more can the acrylic color offer!

Stain Covering Quality

Walls, if stained, make its interior look dull and boring. You better try this paint set that gives an applauding coverage. Two mere thin coats are enough to hide dark spots with the max opaque trait.

Versatile Use

It serves not only to meet your home’s wall-paint cravings but works on other zones too. Whether you feel like using it as stencil or screen print, it adores all. When diluted, it can be air-brushed and used to stamp on wood, canvas, fabrics, and paper.

Designer Palette

The paints complement dark backgrounds. You would need a light application for that. On the other hand, they create a subtle color palette alternative to the intense color scheme for light color backgrounds.


  • Offers antique effect
  • Multi-layer paint to last long
  • Hides all imperfections with sheer
  • Light body acrylic paint
  • Spreads smoothly, giving full opacity


  • A little thin paint may disappoint your canvas work


The designer color palette is what makes Jacquard Products Lumiere Acrylic Paint glam up your interior or exterior. The antique and shiny finish make it the best metallic interior paint!

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Metallic Paint For Walls

Buying Metallic Paint for Walls

It’s quite a common scenario that buyers visit the mart without a full idea about the best products. Such negligence can only result in deception. Hence, you would later regret your purchase decisions.

That’s why we came up with an organized guide to settle your mind. Go through the points to know what can make your investment meet your desires for the best metallic paints!

Indoor/Outdoor Functions

You first better draw an opening line with your motive of using the paint. It is because all paints don’t offer the same layers of protection in terms of indoor coverage.

Hence, you may notice a lack in performance if you make an indoor color painted on the outdoor walls. For the outdoor purpose, you require a higher level of shielding effect against adverse weather.

The case is not the same for indoors. However, you’ll be overwhelmed hearing that our metallic paint reviews tried to cover the high-gloss paints suitable for both cases.

Multi Usability

Materials on which your paint is going to blend may compel your paint choice to differ. But the bonus point you receive with metal glazing stains is that they offer usability on various surfaces.

You’re sure to find it fantastic that most dazzling paints can easily adhere to facets such as trims, ceilings, wood, canvas, and paper apart from walls.

In reverse, some particular paint keeps its use bordered to specific planes. Some even don’t work without primer or surface prep. That’s why a multi-purpose metal-shine paint can help.

Shining Features

Colors with a metal-like finish have earned the trophy of the painting winner for their shine. Hence, such paint is bound to shine with extra gloss. That’s why it adds to your must-check list.

Now let’s enlighten you about its inner specialties. Well, metal gloss stains often contain pure mica beads or extra metal flakes. The existence of both the elements serves the same aim, enhancing the shining ability.

As a result, your painted tiles turn into a reflecting mirror. In the daytime, it uses the sun’s perky lights, and at night the moon’s radiance. In the way, your home’s appearance meets the look changer.

Resistance Ability

No home designer likes its painting weary, peeled off, or stained. And glossy nature goes in vain. But the quality that can make your home ever-green with no such issues is its ability to resist all odds.

Metal-shine paints often come with durable layers to use as a shield. It makes sure your surface retains the shine, color and sticks to the surface for long-term use.

Be it high or low temperature, windy or snowy, raining or highly humid outside. Metallic paints can fight all adversity standing still. You won’t even find a patchy layer of rust.

Color of The Paint

The intensity of paint colors would affect your decision making. That’s why it is vital to pre-determine the color palette that would suit your home ambiance.

For example, if you are looking to use metal paint, you first need to figure out the light source. Indoor setups are not as bright as the exteriors.

So, in such cases, the reflective nature of the interior will help your color choice. You may go for a complimenting tint or a contrasting one.


1. What Is Metallic Paint Used For?

Metal paints are also known as polychromatic. Such paints build up a solid layer. You’ll find small metal flakes that add a sparkling effect.

Thus, if you want a shine on your home facets that mimics a metal body, go and use metallic stains. It never compromises with your paint’s longevity.

You might be unaware of an interesting fact. Paints with metal-like gloss contain a transparent top coat of acrylic polyurethane. It creates a weather shield and rust protection.

2. How Do You Get A Metallic Finish On Walls?

Painting walls need the measures to follow similar to all other materials. To get a long-lasting effect, you may try a base coat first. Interior latex paint may serve as your base.

But don’t let the base colors differ from your main paint color. Otherwise, you would end up with a patchy and streaky finish. Afterward, as per your expertise choose painting tools to paint walls.

You better use rollers rolling in one direction without wetting the edges. Synthetic brushes and airless sprays may also work.

3. How Do I Get A Smooth Finish With Metallic Paint?

To get a smooth finish, you would need to look for three crucial factors,

Consistency of the color: Extra thick paints invite rough coating with a difficulty of spreading evenly. Again, if the tint is too thin, your color controlling ability can’t handle it.

The tool used to paint: Always remember that brushes are never a good choice to paint. They leave stroke marks snatching the smooth finish. Rollers can serve best if rolled in one direction avoiding edges. And if proficient enough, take a can of spray and start painting.

Dry time: A super-fast drying paint may give you uneven coverage. Fast-drying is good but not too fast.

4. Can You Mix Metallic Paint With Regular Paint?

Yes, indeed! Mixing won’t invite any problems of mixed rights. If you prefer any specific regular paint but want to add the glossy qualities of metal-glazed paints you are free to mix both.

In such cases, take your metal paint and counterpart non-metal paint in the same proportion. But thinning is vital here. Use your regular paints to thin, not the metal-paint. Thus you get a smoother result with a better sheen

5. What Kind Of Roller Do You Use For Metallic Paint?

A premium quality microfiber roller can serve the best. Rolling paint tools work great for large surface areas. But, applying back and forth may catch roller marks.

So, roll the paint in one direction taking it from top to bottom. Again edges should remain untouched. For that grab a nap roller cover measuring 3/8 inches. It won’t let your metal paint cry.

6. Can I Use Such Paints On Brass And Plastic?

Of course, metal-glazed paints are suitable to use on planes like brass and plastic. But they may not perform or stick well.

That’s why the task calls for special surface prep. You would need to sand off the materials properly. Next, wipe it off leaving no dents or dirt.

To make sure that the paint can stick to such unusual planes it needs priming. Use a multi-purpose primer. Now your facets of plastic or brass both are ready to color.

Final Verdict

If you were left with unspoken doubts in the very beginning, you’re sure to overcome all. It is because your hands are occupied with the best metallic paint for walls of the year.

Now you know how significant metal paints are both for aesthetics and protection. It minimizes your frequent wall cracking risks. A shiny surface that protects from rust and decay for years too seems a unique blessing.

Our part ceases with the handy buying guide. It is your turn to make a foolproof choice and revamp your home with extra dazzles and sparkles.

Make your sweet home shine years after years with the best metallic paints!

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