10 Popular Best Deck Paint Colors: Perfect Plan for Outdoor Wood

Are you planning to extend the living area of your home? Well, the deck always stays ready to make space for your recess or festive meeting. But wait, is the paint peeling off with aged wood?

How about getting your deck painted! Tinting hues to your porch add aesthetic beauty with a bonus of an outdoor oasis. We know your rising query. Why paint your deck in the first spot?

Deck paints offer protection hiding the flaws. Be it any harsh outside, rain, temperature extremes, or blowing dirt, your patio stands for all alone. But for that, picking the right deck colors is vital.

Available in a wide array of colors, are you sure enough not to go with the wrong color choice? No need to rush with your challenges. It’s because you are in luck to start with us.

Having done our research, we bring you our best deck paint colors. Get ready to match or contrast your homes’ sidings and give your deck a fresh yet professional look.

Let’s re-paint!

Ideas On Painting Deck or Repaint Your Wood

Are you willing to sit outside, relax, and embrace the shining sun? Great, why not! Then it’s time to add a personality to your outdoor space with some paint tint.

It’ll revive the artistry protecting your wooden foyer from mold or sun damage. So, let’s discover the top 10 deck colors that can bring some life to your dying deck!

Top 10 list of best deck paint colors for your home decoration.

  1. Slate Grey
  2. Classic Grey
  3. Black
  4. Dark Blue
  5. Calming Blue
  6. Chocolate Brown
  7. Earthy Brown
  8. Greige
  9. Fiery Red
  10. What Wash

1. Slate Grey

Is your deck area always overwhelmed with high traffic? In such cases, you are sure to find dirt and footprints reflecting all the while. Then the slate grey is the appealing best deck paint colors choice for you!

Slate Grey

Slate grey adds a modern look with a contemporary feel to your san tan balcony. Well, it’s more of a practical hue. It’s because it reflects less glare hiding dust, marks, and stains.

Its dark hue acts for both dark and light color schemes. It brings out a contrasting grace against lighter shades of walls and trims. On the contrary, it has the power to blend with darker shades of wall subtly.

2. Classic Gray

Do you have a strong desire to go for a beachy look? Then paint your solarium with classic gray! It can be redolent of driftwood with crests of elegance.

Classic Gray

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a classic neutral base color. Hence it aims to add more definition with bright outer colors like red or yellow. But with contrast colors like white or black, it revamps with a modern aspect.

The plus point is, it gives more areas to invite the sun. Hence you get to enjoy it as a tan house. You’ll love to relax or plan a family feast with its matte finish!

3. Black

Were you dreaming of a bold shade on your patio floors? How about adding black in your deck colors ideas! It is a practical hue choice merged with beauty. Guess why?

Black Deck Paint

Well, it seems quite easy to keep an eye on cleaning black floors. Moreover, the sunny days won’t make your eyes squint because the hue reduces glare. It doesn’t allow dust to settle easily on the porch floor.

The criterion makes it suitable for high traffic areas. If your home is white, then the hue complements better than any other color scheme. But remember, you need to plan the alfresco furnishings wisely. 

4. Dark Blue

Do you want to feel the briskness of a beach house resting in your foyer? Then we advise you to get your deck painted with a dark blue hue. Such deck colors signify an aesthetic view with peace!

Dark Blue

It is an exciting hue with dual gains. How? Well, on one side, it invites the lively spirits of shine. On the converse, it’s tasteful, striking, and solid at the same time.

Its nautical turn gives the style of Mediterranean living added with repose. Again, when you think of its practical scenes, the blue deck is expert in hiding dirt stains and marks by foot or hand.

5. Calming Blue

Are you interested in a show-stopping hue that pops out your deck, symbolizing serenity? Well, the calming blue hue can cater to all types of personality. Why so?

Calming Blue

It’s because blue comes with the power to soothe and heal with calmness. Painting the deck with such a shade of blue acts to take your mood, energy, and positivity one step above. 

Finally, you get to sip the pacific oasis you always dreamt of in reality. The cool color makes its route to suit all outdoor layouts. Thus with a soothing physical effect, you succeed in seizing the rim of joy.

6. Chocolate Brown

Do you want to bring a wood look to your deck? But don’t you prefer going for wood stain color? Then the chocolate brown makes its way to your list of best deck paint colors. 

Chocolate Brown

It feels woody but is not in reality, isn’t it interesting? Going bold with such dark colors adds elegance with light and openness. Giving you an urban vibe, chocolate brown is a well adorn deck stain hue

The hue makes sure not to show any mud marks or prints. You can set your outdoor elements in contrast as you would choose in a wooden sun terrace.

7. Earthy Brown

If you prefer an earthy look rather than a modern look, refurbish your sun deck with this earthy brown color. An embodiment of the tranquil and calm side of nature right beside you!

Earthy Brown Colors

It comes in both light and dark shades. But none commands for seeking attention. Brown porch works better to highlight. When you accessorize your porch with decors, plants, and rugs, relaxation becomes more down to the earth.

You get a godly chance to mingle with the beauty of nature. One more practical benefit of painting with the hue is that it always serves to complement. So attracts the guests with its simplicity.

8. Greige

Lighter colors lure you more? Want unique deck paint colors with a soothing finish as deck paints? The Greige suits all your hue needs in a versatile way. A perfect balance of warm and cool sense at a time.

Greige Deck Paint

What makes the color greige? Well, a precise combo of the hues grey and beige brings out such a color. So if you’re having a hard time picking between grey and beige, the greige is the nice option for you.

It evens out the level of brightness even in covered areas. It defines the home’s interior and exterior with the extra sun shining through the windows. Your dirt marks are concealed too!

9. Fiery Red

Can’t find the deck color that suits your daring personality? If you are such a person, paint your area with fiery red. It bears your bravery, spirit, and valor.

Fiery Red Deck Paint Color

Red is the hue that never goes out of style, no matter where your sun balcony is placed. The paint adds a positive vibe fused with energy to make your outdoor space stand out. Attention is all that it seeks.

The fiery hue has the power to create a fun time taking your adrenaline rush to the peak. So it’s time to peel off that dull tint of your patio and give it a fire of life with a bold red hue!

10. White Wash

Don’t like bolder colors, but light colors don’t match your hue standards? It’s time to add a touch of soft glamor and sophistication with a simple white wash. How does it benefit?

A white tint caters to a textured appearance with a vintage look. The natural woody grains and lines get an effect of highlighter. Hence your boring patio revives with new and cool deck paints.

If you are low on money or time, white deck paints seem to be a perfect choice. It is because it’s the quickest and profitable painting method in terms of cost. You get the mood of a perpetual Hamptons retreat!

6 Recommendations For Choosing Deck Painting Color For Your Outdoor Exterior

Deck colors always stand out to complement your own style and boost the curb appeal with a scent of aesthetics. But wait. Did your choice match all your home interior or exterior designs? 

A cruel nightmare! Well, choosing shade demands care. A wrong hue or material can make you regret and add to your repainting expense. So, let us ease your muddles with our clear tips and guide.

1. Match Your House and Deck Color Combinations

Deck colors and color plans for the home’s extrinsic always go hand in hand. Scuffing tint with a wrong accord turns into an eyesore. So, here you’re sure to sense the need for the right guide.

First, we would ask you to view the shades existing nearby. Check tones of your home sidings, trims, and each other décor. 

Next, your job is to pull out the deck colors used on the facades. Consider your home style too. Finally, pick an accent hue that indeed blends in with your style.

Ready with your new color palette? Make sure to include the stain here that matched your overall choice.

2. Test the Deck Color

If you decide to put on a deck stain, we advise you to have it checked before. It would be better to try out the stain finish on a small floor area.

Don’t hesitate to take shots from all angles at diverse times of the day to make sure it looks great. You can also opt for some online painting tool to get deck color ideas on virtual aspects.

Well, carve the saying in your mind. The material you choose for your suntan balcony can have a huge impact on the stain.

It is because stain looks different in terms of deck colors’ opacity, shine, finish, and texture.

3. Choose Paint Depends On Deck Material

Have you got any flexibility over the deck color? Yes, but the flexible intensity depends on your patio’s material. How?

Our example will clear the clogged fog on the matter. If you are into composite or wood decking, you have a variety of hue choices in your hand.

The same is the case with staining concrete porch. But what about brick pavers? Well, it is a little static in the case of tints.

So, if you are a person who desires to keep changing patio color with exterior paint, a wood patio is ideal for you. Even application seems easier!

4. Consider the Traffic

How often does your sun terrace get filled with traffic? Is it a light used or heavily used area? You should better consider each such factor before you lay your hand and pick a color.

There is a 70 percent chance that it gets muddy pretty soon when it comes to highly used areas. Flooded with dust and marks, your area loses its beauty.

In such a case, dark shades are fit for your deck. It acts as a concealer, hiding prints and scuffs, elevating the artistry.

But for the floors with less yard traffic, light deck colors or a combination of light and dark tones work the best. 

5. Follow Color Wheel Rules

In your grade school, you are sure to meet the color-wheel. Now it is time to use the fun time hue ideas to recreate a pleasing palette.

Consider a scheme of three colors to bring out the best home and outside patio floor tone combination. It consists of a dominant, a secondary, and an accent hue.

Next, keep going with the wheel color rules. Pair complementary shades like red and green, analogous hues like green and yellow, or monochromatic tints like diverse green shades.

An exciting turn is gained when using a set up with dominant tones as main hues and extra two tints in supportive roles.

6. Consider the Landscape Mode

The landscape existing around your deck greatly impacts your choice of hue to revamp. It is because, whether complementing or supplementing, both ask for a suitable matching scheme. 

Suppose your home is in the middle of a green landscape. Then dominant deck colors such as red and orange act to complement the setting.

On the contrary, a colorful, lively space invites a deck palette with a more neutral color. In such context, mahogany or wood brown, white, calming ocean blue, and gray tones suit well.

Still, confused? Calm down. Take cues from the indoor floorings. It may hint at a fitting color for your patio floor.

Now check the video so that you get ideas on how to choose decking color…..

What Color Should I Select To Paint My Deck If My House Color’s Is Beige?

Choosing deck stain colors seem a little puzzled for a beige colored home. It is because of the light beige home appearance. 

For your comfort, we have come up with four stains to tint your wooden porch. Let’s give it an appealing glance:

1. Classic gray: It adds definition inviting more sunlight and brightness.

2. Woody Brown: It enhances the rich wood grains hiding high-traffic marks.

3. Smokey Blue: It complements the beige color with a calming beach look.

4. Vibrant Jatoba: It is a reddish-brown color that lends a romantic aura to your light-colored home.

Final Thoughts

If you had started with a puzzling mind about the deck paints, we are sure you are no more doubtful. Our research made you meet your luck with the best deck paint colors.

A Standing deck is crucial to protect it from all calamities. But the hues need to follow schemes like suiting the wheel of color, material, interiors, and outside views and décor.

So why remorse with wearing off the deck when you can repaint it! Worried about the wrong pick? No more, our color recommendations are made to suit all home types.

All you would need is to match it with your style and refurbish it!

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