7 Ways To Decorate Your Hallway For Festive Season

With the festive season nearly upon us, you need to find a way to reinvigorate our homes. With the possibility of visiting relatives and friends, you need to ensure that you can host them comfortably in our homes.

This is also the time to shake off the cobwebs of the previous year and breathe new life into our homes.

If you’re bored of the current decor and are looking for ideas for the perfect holiday revamp, you’ve got you. Here are seven ways to decorate your hallway for the festive season.

Banister Blooms

What better way to bring a slice of nature into our homes than with an artful arrangement of flowers lacing the banister? It marks the festivities with good cheer for having guests see the hallways and stairs in bloom.

You can adorn the stairs with a blooming bouquet to make a statement. You would recommend large blooms so they can be noticed quickly and admired. With the artful use of ribbons, tinsel, and fairy lights, your staircase can light the way to your home.

Make your home feel like a fairytale brought to bloom with exceptional flavor arrangements. You can choose to weave the flowers through the stairs or arrange them in a festive vase at the entrance.

Wreath Your Hallway

You can sprinkle a few wreaths over the staircases and hallway as a way to welcome the festive season. You can also make creating the wreaths a bonus fun-time activity.

Gather the children and set up items for a wreath-making station. Include an adorable blurb about their creation beneath the wreath or have the artist sign them. If you’re feeling cheeky, rope in the adults too.

You can always arrange the wreaths in patterns or designs to make them more appealing!

Winter Wonderland Display

Setting up a display can be a challenge. It’s easily done if you map out three things in advance. Take stock of the display items. Think of the color palette.

Winter displays tend to be icy whites or muted colors with splashes of greens and warm woodland colors. You can decorate a small table with our favorite snow globes, ornaments, or sprigs of holly or yule. Maybe it can display baubles from fond memories.

It can help make the celebration more personal and memorable to other family members or us.

If nothing else, you can fill it with candy, hot tea, and scented candles so your guests can enjoy the warmth and pleasant smell.

Whimsy and Wallpaper 

Whimsy and Wallpaper

One way to make the hallway more distinguished is through the use of whimsical, removable wallpaper. Wallpaper can make a case for the festival season. It can be themed for the holidays too. 

One thing to do is be bold and get chalkboard wallpaper. You can provide chalk to our guests to leave loving messages for other family members or us.

This opportunity can bring many family members closer and make it fun for the children as a bonus.

Floating Shelves

A floating shelf can be an ingenious addition to our homes because it provides a safe place to put down keys, wallets, or phones. You can even ensure that you have adequate space for wall art through the floating shelves.

On the shelves, you can place wall prints. You can shop for trending Living room wall artwork at ElephantStock to decorate the space. You can display photographs, or beautiful paintings, without damaging the walls. It can even serve as a photo display for loved ones who could not attend the festivities.

Doorway of Delights

Doorway of Delights

One way to invite festive cheer into our homes is to create doorway decor. You can make a garland bound by fairy lights and arrange them into an arch over the door.

You can embellish doorways with foliage that curves around the frame. Also, You can string some led lights through to make it cheery and welcoming.

The doorway can sport some additional details like photos of family members. Mini macaroni wreaths. Any ornamentation that feels cozy and celebratory can be placed over the door!

Snowflake Streamers

With a long hallway, you can use paper decorations to line them. It’s always more fun to craft individual snowflakes along a string and organized across the hall like streamers.

Variations of this theme can be streamers of flowers, birds, snowmen, reindeer, Santa, or turkeys.

If you are feeling adventurous, create pockets for advent calendars inside your home. You can offer little gifts inside them. It can be a treat for the little ones or the adults who made it on Santa’s nice list.

Final Words

These were some of the ideas to decorate your hallway at the festival. You hope the blend of DIY and purchasable ideas can help provide a welcoming and lively space.

Now you can turn our attention to these tips to make this year’s holiday season one filled with warm memories and sweet moments with loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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