6 Best Glitter Paint For Walls: Sparkling Glitter Paint Additive For Interior

Painting industry is evolving like mushrooms. The new trend they have come up with is glitter paint for interior walls. Enough with your living room wall paint! It’s time to give them a sparkly makeover. We don’t mean only to add a touch of paint to the interior walls.

Glitter paint additives are becoming popular on bedroom walls. Kids and adults love this fable feel in their room. Especially, kids love to have this sparkly dream paint. You can achieve this lovely spectacular design if you get the right and best glitter paint for walls or ceilings.

This DIY glitter painting process is so easy to beautify your interiors. It’s not that difficult but needs solid research for buying the right glitter wall paint.

However, we already did all the research for you and discovered the top most glitter paints. Now it’s time to grab your glitter paint additive.

Our Top Glitter Paint For Walls Picks

  1. Hemway (Rose Gold) Glitter Paint Additive
  2. Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint
  3. V1RTUS Silver Holographic Glitter Paint
  4. CrystalsRus Indoors and Outdoors Silver Glitter Paint for walls
  5. Valspar Interior Glitter Paint for walls
  6. Wellmade Glitter Paint Additive for Wall

6 Best Glitter Paint For Walls To Shiny Your Bedrooms

1. Hemway (Rose Gold) Glitter Paint Additive

Hemway Glitter Paint Additive

It’s now easier than ever to look glittering glamorous on interior or exterior walls, ceiling and furniture with Hemway Glitter Paint additive. This glitter paint is made from the highest quality material and simply adds life to any paint job as desired.

The package includes 100g of glitter crystals that will cover a significant amount of space, perfect for both small and big projects or creating a wow-factor feature wall. It can easily be mixed into emulsion paints without any worries about safety. To avoid problems in future use, be sure not to leave the package uncovered.

This sparkling glitter paint is non-toxic and safe to use in bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, or dining rooms.
If you want some long-lasting sparkling solution, Hemway is the first choice for DIY and professional painters. Because it doesn’t rust, leak paint or fade away from the wall. If you see glitter sparkling getting less once the paint dries, lightly rubbing the painted surface with buffing pads.

The best thing is, you can pick your desired Hemway color from 33 different colors. This high gloss glitter application is cheap and very easy to use. Make sure to mix really well and roll the surface perfectly.

  • Super easy to paint and buff
  • Mixing with top coat work best
  • Non-Toxic application, safe to use on kids bedrooms
  • Work amazingly with emulsion and acrylic paints
  • It can be safe at 230 C temperature
  • Need to add 4-5 packets into 1 gallon of paint if you want a lot of sparkles

2. Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

Rust-Oleum is a high-quality water-based glitter paint for walls that adds elegance to any room. It’s a suitable item for use on multiple surfaces such as interior walls, wood and metal furniture, plastics or hardboards.

You always get a durable, long-lasting finish with this glitter wall paint additive. It can cover a significant area, 30 sq. ft./ per quart, much better than others. Also, its water-based formula provides a multi dimensional shimmer finish on any surface.

Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior wall Paint is a multidimensional pearlized paint. That’s why an additional coat increases sparkle and glamour after application.

The protective top coatings have an extremely resistant capacity that increases paint longevity. It also protects the flakes from fade away and extends the sparkle duration on the surface.

This liquid glitter application is very easy to apply using a roller and brush. If you need a quick result, a spray can finish the process in a short time. Remember, roll the paint in “w” patterns for achieving the best results and leave the application untouched for 1 hour.

Moreover, this industrial qualified best glitter paint for walls is worth more than you expect.

  • It has thickness with right consistency
  • Provides light layer with easy application
  • Top coat paint with glitter mixed
  • Durable and long-lasting resistance capacity
  • Small container of paint

3. V1RTUS Silver Holographic Glitter Paint

V1RTUS Silver Holographic Glitter Paint

V1RTUS is a pretty good silver holographic glitter paint additive providing the maximum sparkling beauty on painted areas. This well designed waterproof glitter paint is easier to apply and won’t disappoint you after application.

This well finished application comes up with 23 color options with an amazing sparkly finish. You might wonder what type of surface you can apply it to? Well, this high-quality glitter paint is suitable for various surfaces such as walls, ceilings, wood, metal, and so on.

It’s compatible to blend with emulsion, acrylic, and latex paint that provide perfect glittering results. The best part of this best glitter paint for wall is, it is waterproof and doesn’t leak in paint. Due to the consistency, the application is very simple and quick to use in hard-to-reach areas.

If you are thinking of a DIY glitter painting project, V1RTUS provides you with the highest safety. Without worrying, you can apply this non-toxic application to your living room, dining room and even in the children’s room.

One 100g pack is available to mix with 1.5 liters (up to 2.5 liters). If you are disappointed with the glossy, buff the painted area for getting excellent sparkling coverage. However, it will overload glitter on your wall and is good enough to bring a sparkling appearance.

  • Weather resistant glitter paint
  • Safe to use on interior walls
  • Quick and easy to apply sparkling
  • Multi-surface usable glitter
  • Long lasting holographic design
  • One packet isn’t enough to shimmer your wall

4. CrystalsRus Indoors and Outdoors Silver Glitter Paint for walls

CrystalsRus Indoors and Outdoors Silver Glitter Paint

Are you looking for an excellent light silver water based glitter paint? CrystalsRus is a glitter paint that offers excellent sheen finishing on every surface. If you are desperate to give your wall a sparkling look with one product, this is definitely for you.

This silver glitter paint is specially designed to work with matt and silk emulsion paint. Remember, if you want a successful project, avoid using other satin and eggshell paints.

The glitter paint comes in a 150g bag. It’s recommended to blend with 1.5 litres of paint, but you can also mix it on 2 litres of paint. Before applying, mix glitter flakes with your water based emulsion paint thoroughly for 5 – 7 minutes to get the extreme sparkle. However, it will deliver you a comfortable result for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The application process is more comfortable and simple. Use a small roller brush to paint, then buff the wall with a cloth. Apply two coats and definitely put more paint on the second coat, it will turn out beautiful. Surprisingly, the paint dries so fast.

It’s very cheap and has different color variations. It can gloss under any light, even with very little light. You will absolutely love it when the light hits the walls.

  • Specially designed for indoor and outdoor
  • Provide Top performance with water based emulsion paint
  • Glitter shines so bright
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • 150gm packet isn’t enough for big project

5. Valspar Interior Glitter Paint for walls

Valspar Interior Glitter Paint for walls

Whatever glitter finish you want on your interior walls, this Valspar silver additive will give you precisely. Among all glitter paint, Valspar offers the wall a trendy outlook. Its unique glitter flakes provide extra brightness to the wall. Moreover, It ensures a consistent result on different textures such as walls, wood, furniture, and other painted coating surfaces.

Valspar ensures the quality and consistency of the glitter. However, it’s a perfect choice to achieve a long-lasting finish on your wall. Though, this totally depends on preparation and the application process. The product is strongly resistant to any weather. It can also deliver excellent sparkling as a top coat.

It is versatile and easy to use. If you want a better result, add this Valspar glaze with any emulsion paints.

This glitter paint additive comes with a small pack of 28g. Generally, a 100g glitter pack is suitable to blend with 1.5 litres. In that case, you have to mix 5-6 packs in 1 gallon of paint for achieving extra shimmer on your walls.

The price is a little bit higher compared to others. But, you will love to see the sparkles results when the light is turned on, or daylight enters the room.

  • Beautiful and subtle sparkle
  • It doesn’t leave the wall bumpy
  • Easy to mix directly with the paint
  • Durable design with long-lasting performance
  • Fairly small size

6. Wellmade Glitter Paint Additive for Wall

Wellmade Glitter Paint Additive for Wall

If you want to maximize your glittering effects, this is the staff for you. Wellmade glitter paint additive includes a supreme quality on the surface that provides long-lasting durability.

This glitter bedroom paint is available to use on multiple surfaces. Additionally, it is non-toxic and safe to use on your home interior surfaces (Wall, Matt, and silk), even in your kid’s room. Most importantly, if you want the paint to work well, blend the glitter with any water based emulsion or acrylic glitter paint.

Basically, It is suggested to add 1 bag with 2 gallons of paints. However, after the paint dries, you will not get too much glare until you have buffed the surface. So, mix it with 1 gallon of paint that will give better results. If you want to give your surface extra shimmers and shines, get a paint that matches with glitter color.

Once you add the glitter into the paint, make sure you stir it thoroughly using a circular stirring motion. Test a small area to ensure you are on the right track. Apply two coats on the surface and roll in all directions for excellent results.

If you are looking for a wonderful glittering experience, we will sure you love this high-quality budget friendly home craft glitter paint.

  • Non-toxic water based glitter
  • It isn’t rough with the wall
  • Provide maximum glitter effects
  • Work best with all latex paint
  • Super visible under the light
  • Doesn’t provide good result with darker paint

Factors To Consider When Buying Glitter Wall Paint

Glitter Flakes

How much sparkling your interior walls will depend on the intensity of the glitter. And the quality of glitter flakes indicates the intensity of the glitter. If you want shiny glitter Interior wall paint, ensure the glitter flakes in glitter paint are high-quality.

One layer of glitter paint with high-quality flakes is enough to shine on your bedroom wall. Sometimes you need to add a second layer for more gloss.

So never think twice if you want to give extreme sparkling on your glitter wall.

Composition Formula

Glitter is known as a water-based composition formula paint. Basically, this is an important characteristic of any glitter paint color. This formula defines how good or strong those chemical-based products are.

If you use a liquid glitter paint additive, make sure the weather or temperature is suitable for painting. And you have to understand the paint formula for non-liquid additives before mixing it with glitter additives.

Resistance Capabilities

The glitter wall paint will be applied for the final finish. That’s why you have to ensure that the glitter room paint you are going to use has enough resistance capacity.

Make sure it provides maximum protection to fight against in any weather conditions. And able to avoid any kind of small scratch.


You have to ensure compatibility to protect your glitter paint from being damaged in the future. Almost every glitters adjustable with paint, but few of them are unavailable. So, ensure the compatibility rate before mixing glitter additives into the paint. It will provide a long-lasting sparkle and protect the paint from fading.


Safety is a big issue when applying glitter paint additives. Fortunately, most of the glitter room paints are non-toxic. Those are safe to use on interior walls. But you must be careful when adding glitter in paint.

Paints usually contain harmful ingredients. That’s why ensure enough ventilation or select a safe paint before glitter Interior wall paint. It will keep your home adults, children and others safe from toxic reactions.

Temperature Resistant

Glitter is a high-temperature resistant additive. They can withstand up to 230°C. In different weather conditions, the color doesn’t bleed, run, rust, or fade.

So you can enjoy a long-lasting glitter Interior wall paint.

Easy To Use

Mixing glitter in paint is an easy process. Sometimes, beginners face difficulties when glittering walls. However, not every glitter additive paint is easy to apply on walls except the six we mention here. So whatever glitter you choose, make sure it has an easy mixing process and usability.

How To Add Glitter To Wall Paint

Glitter wall paint ideas are getting popular around the world. Moreover, home DIY glitter paint is really easy to apply to your interior wall. If you are done with proper mixing, it will appear on your wall and furniture without the worry of peeling, bubbling and cracking.

Powder Glitter Paint Additive

Glitter paint additive is the most effective way to sparkle your home’s ancient wall. It comes in powder form that can be mixed easily with any kind of paint. They have different colors and are versatile with different varnishes, including water-based stains, sheen and matte emulsions.

You will be allowed to control the amount of glitter in the paint and wall. Once you mix your favorite brand colors or paints, apply it to the wall for a colorful thick slick glittery finish.

Glitter Paint All-In-One

If you aren’t comfortable with mixing, glitter paint can be the easiest solution for you. Once you buy the can, you are ready to roll applying it on your wall. Simply open the lid of the can and start using glitter paints for walls.

Most of the glitter paints are translucent. You can’t control the amount of glitter when buying a built-in can. However, you have to apply a glitter topcoat to achieve a thick layer to the walls.

DIY Glitter Paint

If you have enough time to DIY glitter wall, follow our footsteps.

  • Take your desire glitter room paint and add it with glue or mod podge. This way, you can achieve a thick paint consistency. So, Apply it to the wall using a paintbrush instead of a roller.
  • If you have already done the painting part, blow the glitter flakes into the wet wall. It will result in a nice glitter effect on your wall.
  • If you have a small area to glitter, spray the glue onto the wall and blow the glitter flakes. Remember using glue means you will require enough ventilation.

FAQs On Best Glitter Paint Additive

Can You Add Glitter To Wall Paint?

Adding glitter to wall paint is a great way to make some fun. The most challenging part is distributing glitter with the paint to remain all over the wall. Remember, you will not get a satisfying result if you mix all glitter and paint at a time.

So, What will you do?

Take your paint can and mix thoroughly using a mixer drill. Then, Pure a small amount of paint into a small container and mix the proper amount of glitter. Apply it in a small section of your wall to know paint and glitter mix well. It’s important to get the right glitter. That’s why to choose a glitter that is manufactured to use with paint.

How Does The Glitter Paint Work On Walls?

Take your desired glitter additive and mix it with emulsion, acrylic, or latex paints. Now start painting on the wall using a wide roller. Wait 24 hours until it dries properly. After that, pure glitter into a small can and buff them into the paint for getting the final gloss.

Do You Have To Buff Glitter Paint?

You can get roughly 1% coverage of glitter on the wall after applying glitter paint. It can be increased by 5% by just lightly buffing glitter into the dry paint. It’s a very simple and quick process. You will need a sponge or pad to increase the amount of glitter. Use the pad to buff over the dry paint, which releases thousands of beautiful glitter on your accent wall.

How Do You Seal Glitter Without Losing Sparkle?

It’s important to seal glitter if you don’t want to lose sparkling on the wall. Mod Podge is a good option to seal glitter without losing sparkle. Before you begin:

  • Clean the area properly and apply the first coat of decoupage medium (mod podge) using a foam brush.
  • Let it dry for a few hours and apply the second coat.
  • Wait another 24 hours to get a perfect glitter seal.

Can You Sprinkle Glitter On Wet Paint?

Yes! The process is very easy. Take two coats of glitter, add it with one coat of fabric glue or mod podge. It will create a thick consistency. Apply it using a wide paintbrush. If you already painted your wall, blow the glitter on your wet wall paint.

Before that, use a spray gun to blow glue and glitter on the wall. It will give a thick coverage with glitter effects.

Can You Cover The Glitter Paint Over Other Paints?

Yes, you can paint glitter paint over other paints. It’s very easy, and the thick coatings consistently hide the wall’s textures, bumpy and other imperfections. Make sure you use the right application to complete the job.

How Can You Blend Glitter With Paints?

Well, Make sure you have the right kind of paint additive that is easy to glitter. Afterwards, you must pour the glitter additive with paint and mix it for 5-7 minutes using a mixer drill. You will get an acceptable glitter paint additive that is ready to paint on your wall.

Final Words

Choosing the best glitter paint for walls depends on what you’re looking to do and the type of surface you’re painting.

If your goal is to create a room full of sparkle or add some glamour in certain areas, then any high-quality glitter paint will work great! You could go as far as using gold glitter paint so that everything shines like it’s covered in diamonds. However, if your main concern is adding shimmer without going overboard and wanting something more subtle, then matte white would be better.

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