How To Apply Metallic Paint To Walls That Give A Perfect Finish on Interior Walls

Metallic paint can be challenging paint to work with. Many different factors come into play, such as the type of paint, preparation of the wall, and many more. How you paint your wall will also have an effect on how it looks when it dries.

Metallic paint is known as luxurious paint. It reflects and shines on the wall much better than regular paints. The shine comes from the mixed polished aluminum powder and pigment. The color of this paint is so durable and resistant due to its extra clear layer over metallic.

In this article, I will go over some tips for how to apply metallic paint to walls in order to get a perfect finish every time!

Necessary Tools to Use Metallic Paint

To begin the painting project, here are some of the essential tools you need to use-

Painter’s Tape: It allows you to create a clean line to paint professionally and protects whatever you don’t want to paint.

Roller to Smooth: When you paint with a brush, it causes different types of reflection on the surface. So during painting, use a roller to get a smooth finish.

Primer: The primer is a preparative paint. It gives a better idea during painting and additional protection.

Metallic Paint: Begin your painting with metallic paint. If you have metallic paint, that’s great. But if you are confused about which metallic will be suitable for your project, you always have that option to find the best paint according to your need.

Painting Techniques with Metallic Paint

Metallic paint is impressive but alongside it also quite overwhelming. When you paint your wall, you have to put a little extra care than other solid paints, and I need to know how to apply metallic paint to walls. Here is the step-by-step painting technique you can use to complete the project by yourself.

Preparation The Wall

Preparing the wall is an essential part of the painting to get an impressive result and avoid problems along the way. With preparing the wall, you have to keep in mind only two smooth and clean things. Here how you can do that-

  • Remove cover plates from the switches and outlet, and save the switch with a tap
  • Protect nearby furniture with plastic and use canvas drop cloths to protect the floor since plastic can get slippery.
  • Wash the wall with soap
  • Clean the hole, then apply some spackle or wood filler.
  • Let it dry and sand smoothly and prime it

Apply Application

Since one-gallon metallic paint can cover 400 square feet, purchase the color according to your room size.

To get a better finish, use one small 4-inch roller for the ceiling line and corner. And for the broader area, use a 9-inch roller. The most important thing is to make sure both rollers match each other in terms of material.

Now begin the painting as normally as you can. Start at the top and roll down to the bottom with gentle pressure.

Avoiding Lap Lines With Roller

Lap line, streaks, or roller marks makes the wall disappointing rather than charming. It can occur for various reasons- including using poor quality paint, painting without preparing the surface, and straight to the sunlight. To avoiding lap line with a roller-

  • Prepare the wall properly
  • Purchase good quality paint
  • Don’t paint in straight sunlight
  • Move the roller slowly and use enough paint

Dabbing The Trim

During the application, sometimes the edges do not get as much paint as the rest of them. To solve this issue, dab the metallic paint around with a small sponge.

Apply Second Coat

The second coat helps your wall look impressive and makes it twice as durable. Begin the painting like the first coat I mentioned.

Finishing Up

Now you have finished the painting game, It’s time to let it dry and enjoy the new luxurious smooth finish.

Metallic Wall Paint Ideas

Metallic Wall Paint Ideas

Did you ever think of using metallic paint to polish the kitchen, farmhouse dining, sophisticated game room, old furniture, and accent wall? Here are 6 metallic paint ideas that you should use to establish your home.

Living Room Wall

The living room is one of the most important parts of our lives. This is the place where we sleep at night and wake up in the morning. So if you apply good color to your living room, it will give you a positive vibe and make your life happier.

Sophisticated Game Room

Nowadays, many game lovers decorate their game rooms with sophisticated colors. You can also design your game room like them with metallic paint.

Polished Kitchen

People purchase expensive items to design the kitchen. Indeed, a luxury DIY metallic paint can give the kitchen a classic look rather than a costly item.

Farmhouse Dining

More than any other area of the house, the dining is a more recognized popularizing charm. Dining can create a good impression of you among the guest’s mind and make you feel good. So use metallic wall paint to make your dining room charming.

Old Furniture

Don’t you want to give a new look to your old furniture? Use the spray paint with your favorite color and make your old furniture beautiful.

Accent Wall

This is so popular among smart people painting metallic to accent walls in different colors. The luxury paint creates an impressive look on the accent wall that makes your friend jealous. Of Course, There are many colors you can use according to your choice, but the most famous colors are green, black, orange and blue.

How to Spray Metallic Paint on Wall

Spraying metallic paint can be pretty complicated. But don’t worry, I will share a step-by-step guide that will help you make the painting process much more manageable. Are you ready? Let’s dive into it-

Wear a mask and eyeglass: When you paint, safety is essential. Especially when you are using spray paint, you should wear a mask and eyeglass to keep yourself safe.

Prepare the surface Smoothly: you can follow the process mentioned above – including Protecting nearby furniture, Washing the wall with soap, applying wood filler in the hole, and sanding smoothly.

Shake the paint: The primary purpose of shaking is to mix the propellent properly throughout the paint.

Begin The Painting: When it comes to spraying metallic paint, you should keep in mind the most important thing – don’t spray the paint from too close and too much. Spray at least 4 to 8 inches away from the wall and evenly as you progress.

Finally: Let it dry, follow the product instructions carefully and enjoy the metallic paint finish.

How to Paint a Wall Metallic Silver

Do you want to paint your wall with silver metallic but worry about How to apply metallic paint silver? Painting with silver metallic, you have the same process to follow as painting with other metallic paint, and you will end up with a luxury finish.

Final Words

You have the proper knowledge to begin the painting project. When you are doing painting, you may have to do a little extra care. I would recommend you start painting with your accent wall. Once you finish the accent wall and see the impressive result, you can decide to paint your whole room.

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