How to Fix Problems with Catnapper Recliners?

A considerable amount of people experiences different problems while using a Catnapper recliner. The most common complaints are Catnapper recliner frame cracks, loss of power to the recliner mechanism, and excessive squeaking. In this article, I want to discuss the objections above and help you solve them.

Reclining Mechanism

The manufacturer’s design Catnapper recliners with a small button on the side of the chair. This will release the reclining mechanism. If you need to adjust your seat position, push this button and drag your chair closer or further away from any table. It would help press this button to make the glider mechanism work properly. The controller may become hard to use or not function if dirt, sand, or lint builds up around it. If this happens, take apart the seat cushion and vacuum out all of those particles from between the tracks that hold the seat cushion in place. After cleaning out as much as possible, reassemble both parts of the seat back correctly, and it should work again without getting in the way of your reclining pleasure.

Squeaking and Rattling

If your recliner is squeaking and rattling, you may need to tighten down the screws that connect the glider mechanism with the bottom of the chair. If that doesn’t work, I recommend you consider buying a new glider bottom. These can be bought at an upholstery shop or most hardware stores. Another possible reason for squeaks and rattles in your Catnapper recliner for tall man is loose or shredded metal on the footrests (accessible from underneath). Check this area and tighten any screws and bolts if necessary, being careful not to strip them out during the tightening process.

Frame Cracks

Frame cracks are often due to dry rot on older models that have been left out in direct sunlight over time. In newer models, frame cracks are usually due to poor craftsmanship. If you find a break in your Catnapper recliner, it is not safe to use until you have fixed the problem. There are several ways you can remedy it. Firstly, contact the Catnapper directly for replacement parts. If you are handy with woodworking, you may follow some instructions posted online by another Catnapper recliner owner who managed to fix his frame crack using epoxy putty.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for this brand is 300 lbs. If your Catnapper recliner breaks due to overloading, you could be covered under the warranty if the failure occurs within a specific time frame of purchase (usually one year). However, you will need to prove that you bought the furniture and that it was not already damaged when you bought it.

Warning: Falling Furniture

Catnapper recliners can cause injuries due to falling while partially or fully opened. The power needed to open and close these chairs should be enough to keep them in place while someone sits on them, but some users have reported problems with this function. It seems like there were several versions of Catnappers manufactured by different companies, so having one from each of these makes it hard to pinpoint which models are causing problems with keeping the chair in place.


Warranties for Catnapper recliners vary as they may be missing some parts, and as such, there is no way to compare all of them. Some owners have reported getting replacement parts from Catnapper, but others discovered that the warranty does not cover damage due to overloading or owner misuse. If you repeatedly abuse your furniture, it will break, and most likely, the manufacturer’s warranty will not apply (although this is not always the case). Keep up on any repairs and cleaning needed to protect your investment.

As a last resort, if you don’t know who manufactured your chair, look at the bottom of it and underneath where leg rests attach for a sticker that will find the company responsible for the chair. It is always easier to contact them directly for warranty information or if you need to order replacement parts.

Catnapper recliners are expensive and require care to get the most out of them. If you buy one, be sure to know what may break down on it so you can get it fixed before accidents happen. If something does go wrong with your armchair, do not use it until everything has been inspected and repaired by an expert unless you want to risk injuring yourself.

Cleaning Tips

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to keep their Catnapper recliners looking good as new. All they need is a damp cloth and mild soap solution for everyday cleaning or carpet cleaner spray, which has never been used on upholstery for more thorough cleanups. Be careful when using chemical cleaning products on your Catnapper recliner because their chemicals can damage the fabric materials.

Where to Get Catnapper Recliner Replacement Parts?

Find the parts you need for your Catnapper recliner online. Besides, you can go to an upholstery shop in your area, explain what part you need, and leave a photocopy of the region with the upholsterer. For example, if you need arm pads, they will be able to order them in for you or remake them in time for when you need them back.


If these tips don’t help with your specific problem, several online forums address Catnapper repairs and issues and have helped many people to find solutions. You can also check out some of our other blog posts on topics related to Catnapper Recliners.

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