How To Make Glitter Wall Paint: DIY Sparkling Finish For Interior Walls

Glitter wall paint is a fun and easy way to decorate your living space. Giving your interior walls glitter effects is something easy to do and turn your home look gorgeous. Glitter paint is a way to bring back the shimmer and shine on an accent wall.

It’s perfect non-toxic paints to give a unique look to your kid’s room and playroom or other surfaces without giving too much effort and energy. It’s also an inexpensive paint project, but sometimes you have to invest too much. DIY the glitter paints will be your money and time-saving solution. So, how to make glitter wall paint? Making your own glitter paint needs to ensure few supplies and tactics, such as you have to blend glitter additives thoroughly with regular paint.

Well, let’s discuss a few simple techniques to transform your wall with perfect sparkle.

How To Make Glitter Paint For Walls (Top 5 DIY Methods)

DIY Glitter Paints

If you want to make glitter paint, take glitter and mix it with paint. The process may sound simple, right? But, not every type of paint or glitter can mix together.

Craft glitter doesn’t mix well with the paint that means you didn’t get a long-lasting result. Instead, glitter paint additives are far better and effective to use with your paint. But you need to choose the right kind of paint. That means buy a glitter additive that is made for water-based paint.

So, if you want to make your day great, a few methods need to be considered.

1. Glitter Glue

It’s the most common and simple process to start. Before beginning, take a paint color that matches your glitter color. It will help you to hide gaps and imperfections. Paint the surface and let it dry. Remember, don’t do anything before the paint dries completely.

It’s time to take your desire clear glue or mod podge and glitter. If you want to make this project successful, you need many glitter flakes (around 60ml per sq.). Add the glitters with the glue and blend it thoroughly until you get the consistency. Now, use a foam roller to coat the mixture in your wall. And, with a small brush, add more glitters into light areas.

How much sparkle will be that depends on your needs. Around 1 cup of glitter is suitable to add with 3 liters of glue for a nice shiny surface. You can also add different sizes of glitter to make it extra shimmer. Avoid adding on wet paint, and it will mess the full project.

2. Glitter Paint Additives

This is even easier to shine on your interior or exterior walls. Get your desired emulsion paint color and glitter paint additive. If you want to make this successful, you have to start slow. Take a small pot, pure it with a small batch of paint and glitter. Mix the combination with a mixer drill and make sure it mixes well. Start applying them from any side of the surface and add more when you finish. Though it’s a slow process, you will get a sparkle effect on the painted surface after finishing the job.

3. Glaze Accent

The glaze is a popular acrylic clear coat solution for your wall. It provides a protective layer that ensures the long-lasting durability of your glitter. The glaze is also effective to apply on a painted surface. In that case, you have to clean the surface to free it from debris and dirt.

You can find different glaze coats that already have glitter mixed in it. If you want to make your own, simply add your glitter with glaze and mix thoroughly. But, before you use this, do a test run in a small area. You can add different sizes of glitter flakes and one or two coats, depending on your needs. After finishing, you will get an impressive shiny look on your wall.

4. Blowing Glitter

If you want to make fun with your bedroom wall, blow glitter flakes into it. The method is very simple and easy to give a glossy look. You don’t even need to coat.

First, paint your wall with the color you want and blow glitter flakes on it when the paint remains wet. You will see the glitters are going to stick with the paint and give a wonderful 3D look. It works best if the paint layer is thick. If you apply different colors, it will still work. You can even blow different color glitter flakes that give a gradient look to your wall.

Remember, Small glitter flakes are better than large glitter. There is a possibility that glitter can take off when the paint is dry. That’s why you can seal the glitter by applying a glaze or extra coat over the dry glitter.

5. Spray Glue

Now, we are coming to the last process of how to make glitter wall paint. The process is much quicker than others. Before starting, we suggest keeping your room window open or ensuring the room has enough ventilation. Cover the floor with a drop cloth and tape off the around areas where you don’t want to paint glitter. Don’t forget to wear disposable gloves before spraying glue.

Do a test spray on a small area. If everything looks good, spray the entire wall. Brush the loose flakes after it dries.

How Much Glitter To Add To A Gallon Of Paint

Most of the manufacturers give a clear idea of how much glitter needs to add to your paint. Without this, there is a standard formula you can always apply. Most of the glitter additives come with a 100g pack, which is suitable for mixing 1 liter (13 oz) of paint.

Before mixing glitter, make sure you mix the paint thoroughly. Select a small area and apply the glitter paint to ensure the glitter ratio. Don’t add all glitter with the paint at a time if you deal with a big area. Take a small pot, add a small amount of paint and glitter into it. This will help the glitter mix well.

If you want to get a good result, mix them using a mixer drill. Do it every time after finishing a batch.

Final Words

We hope you will enjoy how to make glitter wall paint. Whatever you are a beginner or pro, now you can make your own glitter wall paint. If you want to make your home shiny and glossy in an inexpensive way, start glitter painting.

While you’re doing DIY glitter wall paint, take all necessary tools and ensure you have done every step with care and love.

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