How To Paint A Metal Front Door Without Removing It: Repaint Your External Steel Door

The front door carries the beauty of your home and is the first sign people see when they visit your house. Giving it a professional and colorful look will enhance your personality. Painting a metal front door without removing it is difficult while you are in a hurry or have limited time for your daily work. But an easy way to paint is without taking it off from hinges.

Once you start, you will find it time-saving and worthy. If you prefer a metal or steel door to paint, at some point, you have to know how to paint a metal front door without removing it.

If you want to brighten up the metal front door, it’s not a difficult DIY job. Make sure you have done all the preparation and process that we covered in this detailed guide.

How To Paint A Metal Front Door Without Removing It (5 Step Process)

Paint Steel Door Without Removing It

Painting a door after removing it is easy. When your time is short, you can do it without removing it from the hingle. Here we explain exactly what you will do in that kind of situation.

1. Prepare Your Front Door For Painting

Before starting painting steel doors, it’s necessary to completely prepare your door, including removing old peeling paint and cleaning dirt and debris.

Clean Your Front Door

Once you are ready, remove all loose and old paint using a useful little scraper. When you finish, sand the whole area with a medium grit sandpaper. If there is any scratch or crack, you need to repair those first. The repair process is very easy and quick. Take a wood filler and a hardener, mix them properly and apply it where necessary. Give it a little time to dry. After that, sand the applied area.

Now, pressure washes the entire door to clean debris, grime and dirt. Because these things will not allow the paint to adhere properly and you will get a less durable finish.

Drop Cloth

Place a drop cloth or plastic sheet beneath the door. It will keep your floor clean from drips and splatters.

Remove Items

Remove the door handle, nameplate, or anything that can be easier to remove. It will be easy for you to paint inside or around them. Also, use a vacuum to remove all the sanding dust. Don’t forget to move anything around the door.

If you don’t want to remove the handle or nameplate, cover them with painter tapes.

2. Painters Tape

Painters tape helps you prevent unnecessary sprinkle of paint. If you don’t have the confidence to move your hand, you may love to use this. Cover the doorknob, window panes (exterior door with glass), and other door hardware with the painter’s tape. Make sure the tape covers well, even on edge.

3. Apply The Primer

Applying the primer makes your door paint 2x more durable. Use a short-nap roller to apply prime where the door surface is smooth and flat. A small brush is good enough to roll the primer onto recessed window panels and outside edges.

Allow the primer to dry for a few minutes or hours (read the manufacturer manual). Apply a second coat if you find it necessary.

4. Paint Your Front Door

Painting the exterior door frame needs lots of Patience. Choose a paint color (exterior satin or semi-gloss paint) that is rust-resistant and looks great with your interior/exterior design. If you want to experience the best coatings, select a good brush or roller and apply paint on your metal door exactly following what you did during primer.

Leave the door for hours to dry properly, and apply the second coat when ready. The second coat helps to minimize brush marks and strokes. Drying time depends on the type of paint you are going to use. So, follow what the manufacturer says.

Note to Follow: If you want to paint the front door without removing it, choose a sunny day to start. Prep early in the morning and apply the primer. The primer will dry within the nighttime and the next day, apply the first coating of paint and wait until it dries completely. Get started with the second coating the next morning so that it can dry before you go for a night sleep.

5. Remove Tape

After you have finished all the painting stuff and the paint is completely dry, carefully remove all painter’s tape and replace the doorknob or other hardware you removed.

That’s it, and you can refinish the front door without removing it and save your valuable time.

How To Paint A Front Door Shiny?

A front door is the first impression of people when they visit your house. So, shining your metal front door is essential.

If you want to shine your metal front door, semi-gloss paint will do the work. Semi-gloss paints are very good for hiding flaws and other imperfections of your door. It was even easy to remove or clean during a new installation.

How To Remove Paint From Door Hinges Without Removing Them?

This is the most annoying thing you will face if you don’t remove or use painters tape on door hinges. If you make a mistake, there are few ways you can remove paint from hinges without damaging freshly repaint exterior doors or removing them.

Use a small wire brush or brass bristles to scrape the paint off. Slowly scrape the hinges flat surface and edges. It will remove all the paint without scratching the hinges.

When you are finished scraping, sand them with sandpaper. Sanding will remove small parts of the paint.

Final Words

If you’re ready to repaint metal doors, we hope how we explain “How to paint a metal front door without removing it” will help you succeed.

A painted front door increases the personality and beauty of a house. If you want to give a style to your front door, paint it. Carefully do all the preparation and give your front door a great look before getting too late to welcome your visitors over the year.

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