How To Paint Aluminum Siding With A Roller And Sprayer

Many people prefer aluminum siding due to its resistive nature to exposure and heat. Aluminum sidings are also excellent when it comes to insulating your home. Having them installed in your home can save you from a significant amount of heating and cooling expenditures.

However, exterior painting on aluminum siding won’t remain the same as the day you brought it in. Aluminum is vulnerable to dents and scratches. After a certain time, you will feel like repainting aluminum siding.

It is not very hard to paint aluminum siding. However, choosing a paint roller or spray paint is the biggest question of all. DIY painting aluminum siding can be done in both ways using a paint roller or spray paints. Here we will work on both’ how to paint aluminum siding with a roller’ and ‘how to paint aluminum siding with a sprayer’ sequentially.

How To Paint Aluminum Siding With A Roller

Paint With A Roller

Painting on Aluminum Siding with a roller is quite easier than any other material. Because aluminum is not porous in nature, it doesn’t even soak paints on them, saving a significant amount of paint. In fact, primer is not essential in repainting aluminum siding.

Here is what you will need to paint aluminum siding with a roller

  • Exterior Paint ( Exterior acrylic latex paints are best for aluminum)
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Drop Cloth
  • Abrasive Sponge
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Dry Brush
  • Roller Extension Pole
  • Ladder

Here is how you should paint aluminum siding with a roller.

Step 1: Clean the aluminum surface before using a roller on it. If any mildew is formed on the aluminum surface, use a cleaning solution made of 1:4 bleach and water. Spray all over the mildew area and rub with an abrasive sponge. Repeat the process several times and let the place dry completely. However, because aluminum is more subjected to dents and scratches, applying pressure washers can be too much for the surface and result in reverse damage.

Step 2: Use the paint tray and pour some inches of paint on it. Place your paint roller in the tray and gently move it backward and forward over the ribbed part. This will make sure paint is equally distributed to the roller, and excess paint or loose paint is left behind.

Step 3: Use the roller extension pole to hold the roller and start applying the paint with mild pressure. Too much pressure will create paint stroke marks on the aluminum surface. Apply a thin layer of paint on the aluminum surface.

Step 4: While painting, follow the proper direction of the aluminum sidings. Apply paint up and down if the sliding is up and down for each block. For series siding, apply a brush from side to side. This will allow you to have an evenly applied paint all over the entire aluminum surface and have a perfect finish.

Step 5: Once you are done, apply another thin layer of paint on the aluminum surface after a certain time. Avoid using a single thick layer of paint for smooth results. Let the first layer dry completely before you put another layer of paint on it.

If you are using an acrylic primer, let both the primer and paint dry completely before applying another layer of paint.

Step 6: When you are done with each layer, use a dry brush to remove any bumps on the paint.

Note: Keep in mind that you may have to use a brush on edges or corners where it is impossible to paint with a roller.

Also, while having an interior painting project, use a drop cloth to cover all the essentials before beginning the process.

How To Paint Aluminum Siding With Sprayer

How To Paint Aluminum Siding With Sprayer

Spray painting aluminum siding or any other metal siding is more feasible than using a roller. HVLP paint sprayers are considered highly effective against aluminum sidings.

In order to use paint sprayers, you need to make your selected paint thinner ( Avoid using latex paints, use acrylic spray paints). However, use professional quality thinners instead of water for top-notch quality.

Begin to spray paint with any side of the aluminum siding. Point your spray gun upward to cover any tight space left in the siding. Yes, this is one of the biggest benefits of spray paint. You can use it to coat any tight edge or corner of any metal siding, which is not possible with a paint roller.

You can try experimenting with different tips against cardboard and determine which tip is best for your work when it comes to spray tips. However, it is wise to begin with narrow spray tips to prevent overuse.

Note: While making acrylic paint thinner, keep in mind that the paint will thicken as it fits. It is recommended to use a small amount of paint to thin at a time.

Three Tips To Follow Before Painting Aluminum Siding

Tips To Follow Before Painting Aluminum Siding

Be it spray painting or paint rolling, and it is always wiser to keep one step ahead. Follow these three tips on aluminum siding painting for better results.

Thinning The Paint

With spray paint, you need to thin the paint to have proper aerosolization. You can use water to dilute any acrylic paint. However, for maintaining an ideal balance of viscosity, it is wise to use professional paint thinners.

Use an additional cup to thin the paint. This will ensure proper usage of paint.

Priming The Siding

If you choose not to use primers on aluminum siding, that’s okay. However, using a primer won’t do you any harm. Overall, you will have a more durable and sustainable siding color for a long time.

You can use both oil-based primers or acrylic primers. Oil-based primers will offer extra protection, and acrylic primers will make sure you have a strong base for the siding. However, ignore using latex primers because it has ammonia, which will react with aluminum and form gas bubbles. It will gradually lead to degradation in the primer service.

Choosing The Right Paint Color

Because it is made of aluminum, you need to narrow down your paint selection. The best exterior paint for aluminum siding is acrylic grade paint. Avoid using latex paint, however, you can use 100% acrylic-latex paint.

Paints that are glossy and reflective of the sun should be avoided. In the meantime, any satin finish will add additional value to your home decor.

What Do You Have To Avoid When Painting Aluminum Siding With Roller And Sprayer?

Aluminum can be quite a sophisticated choice for your home’s exterior. However, if you avoid certain things, painting on bare aluminum would be easier than ever.

  1. Ignore painting on dusty aluminum surfaces
  2. Do not apply paint on mold-attached aluminum boards
  3. Avoid latex paint by all means
  4. Never apply spray paints without using a thinner first
  5. If you use any cleaning solution, let the area dry first, avoid applying for a paint job on the wet surface
  6. Do not pressure wash the aluminum sidings. This may seriously damage the siding

Is It Better To Spray Or Roll Aluminum Siding?

Spray aluminum siding

Spray painting aluminum siding is always better than rolling on aluminum siding. Because it offers more coverage and makes it easier to paint on the edges and corners of the aluminum siding, besides it is less time consuming.

Is Painting Aluminum Siding A Bad Idea?

Painting on aluminum siding is a better idea. It is easier than painting vinyl siding, and paint adheres quite nicely on an aluminum surface. After every 5-7 years, your aluminum siding will need refurnishing. Repainting aluminum siding is always better than replacing the entire setup. Because the cost of painting aluminum siding is comparatively lower than installing a new siding.

What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Aluminum Siding?

Except for any latex paint and latex primer, you can use any other paints. However, 100% exterior acrylic latex paint is the best solution for aluminum siding.

How Do You Prep Aluminum Siding For Painting?

The must-have condition for preparing your aluminum surface before painting is to have a clean aluminum surface. Peel off any remaining old paint with a tweezer if you have to. Clean the surface with a cleanser to remove any mold or mildew on it. Finally, if there is any dent on the surface, fix it with the help of the professionals or replace that part if it’s beyond repair.

What Spray Paint Will Stick To Aluminum?

Aluminum airless sprayer paints are specially made to adhere to any metal siding. They are comparatively quick to use. And some of them come with primers made for non-porous surfaces like aluminum only.

How Long Does Paint Last On Aluminum Siding?

If applied with the proper process, paint on aluminum will last in between 5 to 10 years or more. However, 12 years would be a high time for your aluminum siding to be painted.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Aluminum Siding?

On average, every house owner has stated that it costs around $3500 to $8500 to paint aluminum siding. However, the cost can vary depending on the condition of aluminum siding, labor charge, paint quality, and other factors.

Final Words

Aluminum siding was one of the very first exterior sidings besides wood or brick siding. With proper care, aluminum siding can last around 50 years. This is why it is very important to get along with the process of how to paint aluminum siding with a roller or sprayer because you don’t know when you might need them.

Suppose this is your first time with DIY painting aluminum siding. In that case, we hope our article was helpful to you with two different sections to paint your aluminum siding.

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