How to Repair Splintered Wood Deck – Prevent Splinters & Cracks

Splintered causes the most unwanted results due to deck owners neglancy. It might not be cracked if those decks were protected after a certain period of time. Once you do that, you never go back before. You have to think of the future phenomena of your deck.

If your deck is already splintered, that does not mean to replace your deck woods. Replacing woods costs more when you can resurface splintered wood. To repair sanding is a common thing to do. As a support, a pad or belt sander makes it easy to go but not the rest.

To bring the deck in life, restoration coatings or paints can assist. They aren’t expensive to buy. Their thickness is enough to fill the surface cracks, make it smooth and water-resistant. Rather than replacing the woods, it’s better to know how to repair splintered wood deck.

What’ll you need to finish?

  1. Power washer
  2. 80-100 grit sandpaper
  3. Putty knife
  4. Semi transparent stain or clear sealer
  5. Epoxy filler (2-part)
  6. 15 or 25 degree nozzle
  7. Flooring sander
  8. Scrub Brush

Treatment The Deck With Power Wash And Bleach

Using a pressure power wash against a splintered deck can make it worse. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to doing this before sanding the whole deck. If you want to avert damage, It’s better to add a 15 degree tip to less the PSI of power washes. Adding bleach with water allows the power wash to remove mold and mildew. You can get rid of them completely by rubbing them with a scrub brush. Finally, you have to wait 3-4 days to dry before sanding.

Note: If you want the natural wood looks, then it isn’t enough to clean the deck with water. Thus, it is essential to add bleach to the water for an attractive and natural look.

Remove Splinters by Sanding

Sanding is a necessary process so that you can apply the coating on a smooth surface. Once the surface is dry entirely, you can start the sanding. Also, make sure you swap the surface with a brush. To finish the job, a flooring sander is crucial to speed up your work and get satisfaction in the end. A hand sander is useful to sand the railings or sandpapers where it is hard to reach. Finally, power wash again to clean the deck and let it dry properly.

Tips: The sandpaper you need to use is between 100-120 grit and apply it following the wood length not across.

Apply Paint Or Stain To Protect The Wood

You will love the appearance of the result after finishing the sanding. Now it’s time to recoat the deck with a paint or stain. We will suggest you use a semi-transparent deck stain for getting the natural wood texture. After purchasing the product, you have to pay attention to the instructions to apply the coat in the right way. 

If you are looking for some extra protection from UV and rain, paint is a much better option than stain. You just have to opt the right wood deck coatings. If you are after a smooth finish to fill all cracks and damages, an acrylic based finish is perfect. Basically, they are much thicker than any other regular paints.

Manufacturers mention how many square feet they can cover per gallon. So it will be easier for anyone to notice how many gallons they need to finish the project. You can apply the coating using a roller or brush. However, we recommend using a roller to apply the coat first, then use a brush for a smooth woodgrain finish. Allow the paint to dry for 24-72 hours so that the paint blends perfectly with the wood.

Tips: What to Concern About

  1. Avoid interior wood filler or paint, even if they offer an excellent finish. Those don’t stay long in your outdoor deck whatever you do. On the other hand, outdoor fillers are must more flexible to use, even with the sanding.
  2. Before reconstructing the deck, you should carefully inspect the coat and wood surface. If you found any significant damages, replace only that wood with a new one.
  3. To protect your home, railings and walls from splattering, cover them with poly sheets and masking tape.


Fixing your splintered wood deck requires the right way. If you are a first-timer or know a little bit about how to repair splintered wood deck, we can assure our guide will help you finish the job correctly. If you are still confused or don’t have time to settle down, hire a local constructor who can help you. But don’t worry if you don’t want to spend extra money. The process is easier to do by anyone; you have to start and be patient until you reach the end.

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