Modern Masters Platinum/Silver Paint Reviews: Metallic Colors To Make Your House Beautiful

The modern master paint gained popularity as water-based non-tarnishing metallic paint over the last few years. People love this paint for its durability, excellent satin finish, and color. Not only that, metallic paint has good acceptability to use on interior walls.

Is it perfect for the price value? And is it able to help you get a great satin finish, either?

Do those questions make you feel nervous? Don’t be! We do our best research and add the best information through this modern master metallic paint review. You will definitely love this guide before getting this modern master paint.

Is Modern Masters paint good?

Overall, the modern master paint can be an excellent paint to work with. But if you want to paint your surface with a warm silver color, this may not be the ideal paint for you. On the other hand, if you want to get top notch decorative paint, this will be your best choice.

Is Modern Masters metallic paint acrylic?

Yes, because the modern master contains 100% nontoxic acrylic safe and vibrant materials in their paint.

Is Modern Masters metallic paint waterproof?

The modern master is a water based non tarnishing paint. And it prevents the risk of being surface damp and seepage. It acts as a barrier against the water.

Modern Masters Paint Reviews – All You Need To Know


It doesn’t matter what type of paint color you are looking for; you can add your favorite metallic wall paint color with the modern master. There are more than 15 standard colors for every project, including five sheer colors.

Each of those colors is luminous and is ready to exceed your expectations. But with a warm silver color, you may not get the expected result. From my point of view, the warm silver color is actually gold.

A Tip: Instead of purchasing the warm silver, I recommend choosing the platinum silver to get the like mind result.


The modern master paint lasts longer than other standard paints. Its high quality material- including traditional pigment, peerless pigment, and fundamental metal particles resist bleaching and maintain a glossy look to the surface for years after years.


Applying the Modern master metallic is quite similar to the other metal paint. But with this paint, a sprayer or brush is not ideal for getting a smooth finish. Paint clog in the sprayer, and brush leaves a line on the surface. So, I think a roller or sponge is a great choice.

Whereas modern master contains high quality material with tiny metal particles, it looks great from different angles and does not smell foul and pollute the environment.

Great Satin Finish

As a paint lover, I know the importance of a glamorous look on the surface. So I did extensive research by using several modern master metallic paints colors to understand better whether it gives an excellent finish or not.

But at the end of the research, I have got a top notch decorative finish. It has a slightly higher sheen than other standard paints, which means it’s more reflective.

Clean Up

After completing the project, you just have to use warm water with soap to clean up the application you worked with. Isn’t it easy?

Honestly, it was a pleasure painting with a modern master.

Price and Value

There’s no doubt that hundreds of less expensive metallic paints you can find on the market than modern masters. But If you ask me about the value, I would say it’s worth paying a few extra bucks on the modern master metallic.

The less expensive metallic paints aren’t as dense as modern master metallic paint, so you will end up paying an extra penny for purchasing less expensive paints at the end of the day. But If you use the master metallic paint, it will help you paint a more significant portion of your surface which is definitely worth paying.

Highlighted Features

The material is water based which result in less odor
Paint made with fundamental metallic particles that do not fade or tarnish
It is suitable for any surfaces- including the wall, trim, furniture, and many more
So durable and offer top notch decorative finish

How to apply Modern Masters Metallic Paint

There’s no doubt the modern master is good metallic paint. But if you do not follow the proper process, you might end up with an unsatisfying result. Here is the step-by-step process on how to apply modern master’s metallic paint.


Make the surface entirely free from dirt, dust, grease, and other contaminants, then clean it with soap water. After cleaning the surface, use good quality primer and let it dry.

Use the right application

Even though modern master paints say, it can be brushed or sprayed to paint your surface. But many people complain that it causes problems. So I would recommend you use a roller or sponge to get a better finish.


If you want to get the best result, use two coats and recoat the paint for at least 1 hour. That’s it; you have completed the process.

Final Words

I hope you loved this modern master metallic paint review. If I sum up the whole review, this paint is good for the price value- you will get the satin finish, laborious color, and of course, the high durability.

Now it’s your turn…

What feature of this paint do you like, and is this paint what you are looking for? Feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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