5 Best Paint For Metal Door 2021: Guide For Painting Your Exterior Front Steel Door

Doors serve as a primary hallmark encircling home or business premises. And a metallic door stands out with protective quality, eco-friendly nature, and durability. So, you get a lock and secure portal to pull off home safety.

But fading paint color, or rusty look, turns down the grace in your home.  Are you ill at ease for how to revive the mien on the steel gate? Applying a few coats of paints can help!

Well, the DIY task calls for lush care. It’s because, unlike wood, steel is not a material that can absorb tint easily. If you lack skills to dye, you are sure to notice dents resulting in a rough surface.

We’ve cropped up with the 5 Best Paint for Metal Door to help you bring off your desired colored surface. On top of the reviews, you get to explore a furnished buying guide. 

Let’s wind-up your hunt for steel-door paint with unerring ways to renew!

Best Paint For Metal Door To Use On Front Door 2021

  1. Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint
  2. Rust-Oleum, Cranberry Door Paint
  3. Rust-Oleum Hammered Stops-Rust Paint
  4. Krylon Supermaxx All-In-One Spray
  5. Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

1. Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint

Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint

It might seem for now that a satin-smooth finish is an absurd dream. But the Modern Masters prove you wrong with its paint formula and finish. Let’s figure out the terms that make it ideal.

Water-Based Formula

When your prime motive is to attain a lasting finish, its water-based latex paint brings in the best. You will find it durable that can withstand harsh elements and weather. No odor or toxins affirmed.

Never-Fade Technology

It allows your doors to retain their rich and vibrant pigments years after years of use. So, your old metal door looks anew! Two tint coats at max bring about the satin and glossy look with no chance to fade away. 

Dry Time

It has the ability to sum a metal door cover up to 100 square feet. Even so, all you need is to hold back for an hour. After that, the tint is ready to touch with a quickly dried base.


You can achieve a tint to fit all your wildest desires with Modern Masters 14 shades and available shimmers. 


  • Easy to manage and clean
  • Smooth and satin finish
  • Rich in carrying dyes
  • Fast-drying, no odor formula
  • No need to detach the door while painting


  • You may mark brush strokes if you are not adept at using

2. Rust-Oleum, Cranberry Door Paint

Rust-Oleum, Cranberry Door Paint

If your need is a tint can that goes a long way with little use, add Rust Oleum to your pick-up list. A rust and patch free metal door frames are all you would achieve. Knowing more always helps!

Resists Corrosion 

One of the crucial noting points that makes it the best paint for metal garage doors is its weather resistance. Thus, your steel gate survives corrosion, abrasion, and chipping at ease.

Oil Based Paint

It brings a layer of protection and makes it last longer than ever. You’ll view that the coat of paint is a bit thick yet dries in 1 or 2 hours. 


You are sure to amaze at its multi-surface use, leaving no dents. Be it wood, fiberglass, or steel entrance. It offers the same satin finish with a low sheen.


Rustoleum makes its thick oil layers cover 105 square feet eliminating oxidation. Thus, it minimizes the need to re-paint in little track of time.


  • Can endure any harsh weather
  • Adds a durable protective layer
  • Rust Oleum formula allows no chipping
  • Offers a semi gloss finish
  • Takes less time to mount the door drying in a flash


  • You would need to mix and turn it thin. Otherwise, a smooth finish paint is not gained

3. Rust-Oleum Hammered Stops-Rust Paint

Rust-Oleum Hammered Stops-Rust Paint

Find it hard to paint with rollers or brushes? Bring the ease of working with Rust-Oleum spray dye. Let’s prob deep inside.

Rust Prevention

Having zero rust while painting an outdoor metal entrance must be your prime concern. With its hue formula based on oil, it brings durability to the door stain.  Thus, it resists the formation of rust and chipping of paint.

Blocks UV

Rust Oleum is specialized to create a hard to wear off the coat. You’ll find the paint coat serving as a barrier to the trip of nearing UV rays. Thus saves us from damages.

Direct Application

No need to go for priming prior to using this paint on the metal door. With a coverage of 15 sq ft, spray it directly and reach strict zones. Wait 2-4 hours till you find it dried to touch.


It comes with a comfort tip and wide finger pads to use. You get to spray and paint the metallic door at any angle without causing fatigue to fingers.


  • Does not erode with weather protection
  • Offers hammered finish metal paint
  • No oxidation or odor
  • Prevents peeling and cracking
  • Builds impermeable paint coat for moisture and humidity 


  • You better shake it multiple times before using it to get a sharp, not thick, or not thin quality 

4. Krylon Supermaxx All-In-One Spray

Krylon Supermaxx All-In-One Spray

No need to add miseries to your painting techniques if you are new to them. The Krylon Supermaxx All-In-One Spray gets your back as the perfect metal door paint. Why not get a glimpse of its unique features!

Multi-Purpose Facility

It is an all-in-one spray that hoards your time and hard efforts with no need to sand. You even get a big rescue from the act of priming your doors. It works on steel, plastics, and wood too.

Ease of Use

A big pain that all hate while painting is the uneasy way to hold brushes or spray can. But Krylon can come with easy to push tips. Thus, you get two times faster use with less finger lethargy.

Super Adhesive Trait

A vital thing to point at is adherence. The door paint bonds with multiple surfaces with no fuss. Hence, zero peel off tint is all you get. Rust? No chance!


You are near the right tide. It’s one of the toughest spray paints that dry fast too. Be it hard to adhere to material like melamine, masonry, or laminates. It works for all!


  • Offers maximum rust protection
  • Calls for no need to prime or sand
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Excellent in durability
  • No need to mix to gain consistency


  • It’s an extremely flammable metal door spray. So cautious is a must while using

5. Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

It’s time to get rid of all your traditional painting ways. Give a shot to Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Paint suitable for all commercial use. It is the fastest drying spray paint ranking in the tint market.


The paint is oil-based. Hence, it offers a premium and consistent quality. You are sure to end up with a tough layer with one coat. An unmatched adhesive trait is on the way!

Glossy Finish

If you are one of those home stylists who prefer sheen on the door color, the Rust Oleum can aid. It comes with a shiny look lasting for years. Even in heavy use and harsh weather, it holds glam.

Time to Coat

You no longer need to wait for hours to get your metal door painted. Its unique formula dries in a lapse of 15 minutes. Ready to touch and recoat. Well, that’s a lot of benefits!


The high-rated paint comes in a spray form to work in all directions with no fuss. The maximum cover with the comfort of use makes it number one for exterior use.


  • Tough enamel coat for protection
  • Ideal for metal, concrete, wood, and masonry
  • Retains color adherence with 50% better coverage
  • Dries and ready for recoat in less than 15 minutes
  • Industrial paint comes with high output tips to spray even


  • You may find the Rust Oleum’s color range short of filling your choices

Buyer’s Guide of The Best Paint for Metal Door

Buyer’s Guide of paint for metal door

If you are prepared with your choice and tools, you must consider putting your steps to the mart. But you need to take into account all the aspects not to lose track of the ideal paint for your outdoor metal door. 

Keep all the queries idling in your head aside. Our buyer’s guide has brought light to all the factors that ask for your sights!

1. Surface Protection

It’s vital to jot down how much protection your paint has to offer to your door surface. We would advise you to choose acrylic colors, either water based metal paint or oil based paint for the purpose.

It is because they serve to add an irresistible paint coat over your material. Hence, you are sure not to spot any fading or chipping. It acts as a UV barrier too. 

Water-based acrylic tints are popular as latex paints. It is a little safer in terms of VOC, low level of toxic fumes, no odor. Hence, you get an eco-friendly safety.

2. Durability

Which paint offers the toughest enamel coating? The arguable debate has come to a halt. If you ask for our help, we would suggest going for oil based paint and hues.

For large surfaces, the oil-based formula comes up with superior durability. Such paints outstand with their ability to bond and adhere to any stubborn surface. On top of that, a glossy finish is promised too.

Say goodbye to your plights to repaint for frequent needs. It is because a coat of oil based paint will not allow any part to chip or crack!

3. Drying Time

Revitalizing old and new metal doors seem knotty when pressed with time. But when your hand is occupied with a fast-drying pain; your efforts take its color from pretty soon. 

Now you might be in the dilemma of picking the paint forms. Let us skim your doubts. Well, water-based latex paints are a great time-saver. It might clap for a couple of hours to come in touch and dry form. 

In reverse comes the oil-based version of the paint. They are thick in consistency and cast a longer time to dry. You would need days or weeks of waiting for complete curing of the fresh paint.

4. Stability

Now comes a key facet, the stability of the paints you apply. Well, water-based acrylic paints are not prone to easy damage even when it finds the scorch of the sun. 

Hence, they are more resilient and don’t fade away. Moreover, the latex hues offer ultraviolet ray blockage abilities. So, colors seem new years after years.

But the fact is not the same for oil-based paints. Instead, they are not capable enough to withstand the harsh weather and sun glares. So, you’ll find them getting dull over time.

5. Rust Resistance

All use the best paint for exterior doors with a dream of never finding any rust on their surface at all. And, we see that you too dream the same. So, which paint can offer better resistance to rust?

There is no doubt that oil-based stains always prepare a tough layer to keep it free of moistures and rust. Latex paints, once dried, forms a rigid shield to resist water. Thus, a rust-free surface is ensured!

But when it comes to the water-soluble tints, there remains room for debate. It is assumed that they can trigger the fast action of rust formation on metal doors.

6. Ease of Use

Provided that you’re not adroit in painting metal doors, the water-based hue is a good one to start with now. In terms of use and cleaning methods, it is the easiest.

The paints with oil-soluble elements are demanding. But it comes with a tricky task to thin the formula for the right consistency. You may require special cleaning tools too. So, it’s suitable for experts.

Prime Your Metal Door

Prime Your Metal Door

Coming with the paint your door frames suit is not the end. To apply the paint, you need to set your hands for prepping the surface using a suitable primer.

Now you must consider moving on to the priming task. So, why is it a prerequisite to put on the primer first? 

Primers are such an agent that allows the paint to bond and stick firmly to the surfaces like metal doors. In the way, it will enable color adhesion, smooth finish, and paint to last longer. It hoards your paint use too.

An enthralling point to add is that metallic surfaces gain anti-corrosion ability as you put on a primer coating. Hence forms a protective layer to stand by rain and humidity. 

We recommend using an oil based primer for best surface adherence. But before that, you need to fix your eyes to the paint labels you are using and what it suggests about primer.

Tips & Tricks: Painting A New Steel Door

Learning tricks about painting metal doors is crucial. Otherwise, you might end up having brush strokes, uneven patches, and rough texture. So, it’s time to bring on some tips with tricks!

  • Firstly, take off the door frame to reduce dying troubles.
  • Remove or put tapes on hardware like door handles, mailboxes, hinges, etc.
  • For a smooth finish, sand it correctly with 400-grit sandpaper and then degrease.
  • Next, wipe it off using a tack cloth and lay it down for at least an hour.
  • Pick a high-quality primer for the base coat.
  • Make sure you give it a rest of 1-3 hours until it dries completely.
  • Now, use paint rollers for flat areas and apply one coat.
  • Choose angled sash brushes to work on the corners and paneled areas.
  • To achieve a consistent finish, apply two coats minimally.
  • When you are done painting, leave the metal door for at least 12 hours to let it dry.

Relevant Questions

Will Spray Paint Adhere to Metal?

Any high-quality spray dye can adhere to metal. It is because of the bonding formula that supports settling and absorbing with steel surfaces.

How Long Does it Take to Dry Freshly Painted Metal Doors?

The drying time may vary, keeping in mind the type of paints:

Oil-based paints: Take a few days to weeks to dry

Water-based stains: Dries a little faster, taking a few hours

Spray-paints: Comes with the quickest drying technology

Temperature, weather, and application technique may affect the timing.

Should I Use a Brush or Roller to Paint a Door?

To be precise, we would ask to use a roller instead of a brush. It is because foam rollers offer an even texture. But when painted with brushes, you will find brush strokes and patches all over the painted steel surface or door.

Can I Use Spray Paint on a Metal Door?

Well going for spray paint is the best option for steel-like surfaces. If applied using the correct technique, you will have the smoothest finish with such type of stain.

Can I Use Interior Paint on a Metal Door?

Yes, you can opt for interior paints for steel entrances. But that doesn’t sound like the right choice. It’s because such colors are enamel-based. Hence it comes with a harder finish and can’t hold to weather damages.

Final Verdict

If you want to secure your home keeping its beauty uptight, you need to revamp your home exterior. It includes putting on decent paint on the entrances. 

But when it comes to the metallic doors, all paints are not superior in quality. Hence, we came up with our five high-quality and best paint for metal doors. 

Now it’s your turn to select the one can of color that goes with your painting skills and needs. We would ask you to scrap off your old paint properly before repainting to attain a durable finish.

With no more than two paint coats, you are set to free your door from the rusty look and faded color. Revive your metal door with appealing paints and hues!

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