How To Paint A Metal Door To Look Like Wood: Give Wood Grain Or Stain Look Paint

Do you want to update the ugly outdated paint of metal or fiberglass doors? Maybe a rich wood grain look! Well, this is very easy to achieve. It’s not necessary to be highly professional to know how to paint a metal door to look like wood.

Adding wood grain looks to steel doors is an easy DIY task for homeowners. They need to get paint that looks like wood and apply it with the right techniques. So, It’s time to give your metal doors wood look paint.

If you have been waiting for a long time to paint a door to look like wood grain, we are sure you will love the process and project we share with you. This will really look fabulous when you’re done, so let’s get started.

Supplies Needed To Paint A Door To Look Like Wood

Before you do anything, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials.

  1. Wood grain tool
  2. A dry paint brush
  3. Lint-free rags
  4. A foam brush
  5. Wood stain
  6. Drop cloth
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Polyurethanes

How To Make A Metal or Fiberglass Door Paint That Looks Like Wood (Technique for Wood Painting Metal Doors)

Fiberglass Door Paint That Looks Like Wood

Before giving a metal door wood grain finish, you should know how to do it perfectly. If you don’t, you may be made a mess badly. This can make you embarrassed in front of others.

We show a step-by-step painting process that helps you achieve a rich wood look on your metal front door.

Preparing The Surface

How do you want to start? Remove the door or without removing the metal door – It depends totally on you.

Well, take a drop cloth and set it under the door. It will protect your floor from dust and sprinkle of paints. Now take off the doorknob and other hardware. Tape the door frame, knobs, and hardware using painter’s tape if you don’t want to.

Lightly sand the door if it is previously painted or clean it with a household cleaner if it is new and wipe the door using a damp cloth.

Take a rust-resistant exterior latex paint and apply it to your metal door. Old or new doesn’t matter, apply the primer and let it dry.

Choose The Paint Color

If you don’t want to create a disaster on your metal door, you must choose a latex enamel wood color. For protecting the color you will need a clear latex glaze or acrylic sealer. Depending on your painting areas, choose your color (Exterior or interior). If you want to ensure the paint creates a good wood grain image or not, test a small area.

For the base coat, choose a light wood color and a darker color for the second coat. Dark paint will create the wood grain when mixed with the clear latex glaze.

Apply The Base Color

Take a paint tray and pure it with a base color. Now using a paint brush, apply the metal door paint completely on the surface. If your door has raised panels, paint in the wood direction. This will help to create brush strokes and wood grain effects. Paint the corners using an artist brush.

Also, try to paint small cardboard with the same base color and let your door and cardboard dry completely.

Blend Paint and Glaze

It’s time to blend the darker wood color and glaze or clear sealant together. Apply the mixer on the cardboard and see the result. If everything looks good to you, then it will be ready to apply. But, if you think there will be a need to add more paint and glaze, then do it like before and test.

Applying The Grain Glaze

Start applying the grain glaze with a paintbrush from one direction to get a consistent wood grain look. Drug the paint brush over the metal door until it covers the whole area. Allow it to dry overnight, and you will get a perfect wood grain look.

Seal The Door

When you ensure the second coat is dry, allow a sealer to seal the entire metal door. Rust-Oleum Spar Urethane is the best option to seal your metal door. Apply three coats of this sealer and wait (See the time on sealer can) until it dries. In the end, you will get a nice wood look on your metal door.

There is another simple way available to apply on your metal door to get a wood surface. Let’s see how?

First step: After doing all the basic preparation, apply your first coat of latex wood stain using a paint brush. Remember, apply only one area, rug it with a wood grain tool and let it dry. After you get your desired result, apply in the other areas.

Second step: Now add the second coat of stain, wipe it with a cloth and let it dry. You have to add more than two coats if you want a real wood color. Every time you apply a stain, you need to let it dry properly. When you complete, seal the door applying a sealant over the stain.

Final Words

Homeowners find difficulties if they don’t know how to paint a metal door to look like wood. However, this is a very simple and easier process. Also, the full project is very inexpensive to finish. With exactly the same process, you can paint the garage and new doors.

We showed two simple processes that are even easier for a beginner. Make sure you complete every step carefully that we share here.

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