5 Best Paint For Pinewood Derby Car: Get Coolest Decorating Metal Painting Today

Are you one of the packs preparing for your annual pinewood derby competition? Sounds thrilling! Your car calls for new paint and speed to win the game.

An old car racing all the while is sure to lose its charm and magical speed. Well, the ecstatic way to revive its looks and pace is to start with a can of paint. Painting your racing cars puts on derby weights.

Hence, you can achieve your desired racer’s speed. But if you picked the wrong paint brand, color, and application method, it can invite a big bummer. You tend to find patches, knots bleeding through your woody racing car.

We’re here to link you up with the best paint for pinewood derby car reviews to save your day. Whether you want a brush painting set or spray tint, or glossy finish, we’ve wrapped up all.

Let’s ease your racing car paint jobs adding creative touches to it!

5 Best Paint For Pinewood Derby Car 2021

1. Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray Paint for derby car

 Rust-Oleum Enamel Spray Paint for derby car

A corrosion-free racing car is all a racer dreams to pace up. If you own the same pinewood derby ideas, Rust-Oleum can make it happen. Its 23 color shades have more to proffer!

Rust Prevention

It brings about an oil-based enamel paint coat. Hence your cars attain a durable shield against chipping, fading, and weather blitzes. So, no rust formation can make its moves.  

360° Coverage

Rust-Oleum has come up with thick yet uniform paint. So, you’re blessed with a fine texture. It covers up to 14 square feet. Thus it’s ready to hide all stains.

Multi-Angle Use

A derby car set owner is sure to have strict painting rules missing no spot to paint. For that, it adds a high output tip to its 15oz bottle. You can spray it from all angles, even upside down.


It’s a professional enamel paint for commercial and heavy-use areas. You’ll be able to retain colors for ages with a durable coating.


  • Gives a flat exterior finish 
  • Sprays all around in 360 degrees 
  • High-output tip for two times faster use
  • Tough coating to stand by the weather
  • Dries fast in 15 minutes


  • Over spraying the oil-based paint may result in bubbles 

2. Testors Auto Detail Enamel Paint Set

Testors Auto Detail Enamel Paint Set

Idling for your paint to dry seems boring and tedious. Hence you lose interest in derby car painting. It’s time to give the Testors Painting Set a shot and discover its unique traits!

Fast Drying

The best deal that the paint brings is no need to wait. You’ll find the first coat of paint dries in no more than 5 minutes. 48 hours suffice the act of curing. Thus, you’re ready to pounce on your next DIY.

Multi-Surface Use

Its use is not confined to pinewood derby paint tasks. You can paint any surface such as metal, ceramic, plastic, canvas, paper, leather, and bisque. So your investment runs a long way.

Paint Coat Longevity

It is a solvent-based color. Be it an indoor or outdoor racing car painting project. You can rest assured that it’ll protect your stains with durable coats. No dulling can make its way.


If you wish to give your car a touch of creativity, it’s the paint for you. You’ll get the scope to add fine details. Ready to recoat in a flash!


  • Lasts longer
  • Enamel coating fights peeling off paints
  • Takes 48 hours to cure
  • Comes with a thinner
  • Gives a sleek finish with zero tufts


  • You may find the brush a little clumsy

3. Premium Metallic pinewood derby car Acrylic Paint Set

Premium Metallic pinewood derby car Acrylic Paint Set

We know the sad scene which all wooden derby car owners face. Yes, you figured out right, faded and dull paints. Now you can free yourself from the pain with this set of paint. Let’s get-in!

Metallic Pigments

Vivid hues are a must for pinewood derby stains. It’s an acrylic set with 8 shades that offer a metallic finish. You’ll find the pigments easy to transfer.


If you’re on your way to paint, you won’t want the paint to chip too soon. It’s a quality paint that stands by all odds. So, it retains color, making it last longer.

Range of Use

Your painting hobby is not limited to the pinewood car. The paint opens up its use to a wide range of surfaces. You can also work on plastic, fabric, metal, canvas, and card papers.


The small bottles don’t hold tints enough for large projects. So, it would not make a wise choice if you’re planning to deal with long-run painting tasks.


  • Retains colors for long
  • No scope for the paint to oxidize
  • Wide range of application
  • Offers metallic finish
  • Non-toxic with water clean-up


  • Stir it thoroughly. Otherwise, you may mess up

4. FolkArt Gloss Finish

FolkArt Gloss Finish

Are you on a plan to give opaque coverage to your woody race car? Well, the FolkArt can make it happen with its formula. Let’s find what else it can offer!

Breathable Paint

When a paint off odor and fumes, it’s unpleasant and risky. But the water-soluble paint lowers all those risks. You get a breathable paint that reacts less with the outside pollutants.

Resistant to Scratch

The water-based paint caters to an enamel coat of paint. That’s why the tough exterior acts as a barrier for scratches or unwanted stains. On top of that, you’ll find it waterproof once it dries. 

Creamy Texture

The color palette offers a rich and creamy consistency. So, shading plus blending seems no big deal. You are sure to get a smooth finish with glitter, gloss, and neon traits.


With a variety of pigmented paint, you can bring all your fantasies in painted form. Sticks well to wood, glass, and plastic surface. 


  • Drying act is aerobic
  • Highly pigmented and durable
  • Supports oven-baked curing method
  • Adheres to the surface in a blitz
  • Free of deadly toxins and fumes


  • If not diluted, you may not reach the desired finish

5. Testors Acrylic Value Finishing Paint Set

Testors Acrylic Value Finishing Paint Set

If you’re an amateur crafter with a demand for multi-colors to paint your racing car, Testors can help. It includes 9 paint bottles, each in mini size. Time to know a little extra!

Dual Application Method

You don’t need to pick a single way to apply the paint. It’s because you can brush the paint or even airbrush it on any surface. Your paint will dry in no time.


All the paint elements of the set pose zero harm. The hues are soluble in water. Hence, they don’t easily mix with impurities or let go of risky toxins and odor.

Water-Proof Paint

No painter can bear their paint works washing away when spilled with water. Well, the set comes with water-based paint. Thus, your paint turns resistant to water in minutes.


Each bottle of paint has a metallic and glossy finish to offer. You’ll spot it fit for wood, plastic, metal, and paper too.


  • Dries super quick
  • Multiple layers of paints are not an issue
  • Easy to soap and water clean
  • Gives a balanced paint finish with gloss
  • Less in thickness than the artist’s acrylic 


  • You may find the consistency differs in some bottles of paints

Fastest Way To Dry Paint For Pinewood Derby Car

There are a few golden metallic paint rules that you would need to follow to dry your car paint faster. We’ve made each step short and clear to you, so no need to peep anywhere else. Let’s view.

dry paint for Pinewood derby car

1. Coat Thickness

You must be aware that the thinner the coat is, the less time it takes to dry. Always go for a thin yet uniform coat of paint. 

Spray paint that too an acrylic one is renowned as the fastest drying paint. So, you can pick such a paint. Still, if you’re not convinced, add some thinner or solvents.

2. Scope for Airflow

Never omit this vital point. Ventilation always serves to run the dry time at a fast pace. As you begin to paint, allow your room to get airflow opening the windows.

You can even place a fan near the painting object. Keep it switched on until the paint dries.

3. Placing a Heater

Making the place hotter may not give a crucial time-saving scope. But it may help you hold up a couple of hours. 

Thus, the car paint is sure to absorb the surface a little quicker. Note down not to put the heater too close to the surface. Otherwise, you may notice bubbles arising.

4. Humidity Control

It’s better to keep the humidity while painting a little down. For that, you may opt for a dehumidifier.  

It’s because the humidity is a prime factor that slows down the drying process. Besides, it may ruin your task with paint drips.

Pressing Paint Queries

What Is The Best Paint Type To Use On A Pinewood Derby Car?

Acrylic paints claim to stick better on the Derby racing cars. Hence it poses no easy scope to fade or wear off. It’s waterproof and dries rapidly too. 

Moreover, if it’s an enamel or acrylic spray paint, that’s a plus point. Now it’s the turn for the finishes. You can opt for any of the matte or glossy finishes your creativity needs.

Can You Spray Paint A Pinewood Derby Car?

Yes, of course. Spray paints always add more areas to cover. In the case of the application method, it’s the easiest.

But while using spray paints on your mini race cars, you need to make sure a few things. Cover all those parts you want to keep unpainted. It’s because spray paints go a long way via air.

How Much Weight Do Paints Add To A Pinewood Derby Car?

Well, the painted derby weights depend on a few aspects. Such as:

But a general estimation is, the paint adds a few grams to the weight of the car. It’s about a hundredths of an ounce.

How Do You Get The Smoothest Paint Finish?

A few easy steps can bring a smooth finish to your pinewood derby paint. 

  • First of all, prep the surface sanding with 120-grit sandpaper.
  • Add a coat of primer to get a smooth base.
  • Next, let the primer base dry and sand it down.
  • Use thin paint to start.
  • If your paint is not thin enough, add solvents to thin it.
  • Let the paint dry and cure naturally.

In the end, a silky smooth finish is all you’re about to get.

Final Verdict

If you had given up on your peeling sets of derby race cars, it’s high time you revived all. At the endpoint, you’re sure not to be left alone with any puzzling queries.

It is because our curated reviews on best paint for pinewood derby car has opened a door of new hope. Instead of getting disappointed with the faded colors, you know how to set fire in the car wheels.

But before confirming your paint purchase, make sure you collect top to bottom ideas about its elements, rust prevention nature, quality, dry time, texture, and finish.

So, there are now no shackles holding your creative minds. Race with wooden cars adding a new beauty you always craved to bring!

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