9 Best Sandpaper For Metal 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

It is a hard deal to work with the rusty metallic element. When trying to remove the oil paint on your metal surface, hurdles rise. Hence, it’s time to turn them into fine smooth material. How about sanding your tools with abrasive papers! Polishing using emery is no big deal if you have the right tool. But when it comes to buying abrasives, you are sure to struggle. Well, you are in luck and one-step away to grasp the right tool. We have come here with the best sandpaper for metal.

With tons of options existing in the market place, you’ve no clue about which emery paper can serve your motive.

Whether you work with hard or soft alloys, we have abrasive solutions for all. We know what factors bother you. But our detailed buying guide can reduce your dealing worries to zero.

So, let us make a trip to the reviews right away!

9 Best Sandpaper For Metal In 2021

1. 3M Wetordry Sandpaper – Most abrasive sandpaper for Plastic and Metal

3M Wetordry Sandpaper – Most abrasive sandpaper for Plastic and Metal

An exalted feat about the abrasive is it suits both dry and wet sanding. This 3M Wetordy Sanding paper can save your time with no need to switch and serve dual cases. Let’s look at its key features!

Range of Grits

Its 1500 grits dust off the nib, creating a leveled cover. Be it hard to remove paint or scratch or rust. It works on all.

Polishes well, restoring shine, leaving no coarseness. You’ll find the Silicon Carbide in a range of 400 grit and 2500 grit.  

Water Retaining Quality

The specialty that grabs attention is its waterproof nature. Each sheet bonds with a durable resin.

Hence, it works as a wet or dry sanding paper. You won’t even have to bother to change.


The abrasive brings a uniform sanding trim all over the alloy body or plastic. It ensures a better polish with less time and pain. All for its unique auto body flexes.


Are you strict about the hard to reach areas? This 3M Wetordry can give a flexible use saving your efforts and time!


  • Waterproof
  • Lasts long
  • Gives consistent scratching pattern
  • Offers 10% smooth finishing
  • No clogging on the sheet
  • Saves time with no need to shift


  • Hard to work with large defects

2.  Dura-Gold Premium Longboard Continuous Roll – Best for Automotive and Metalworking

Dura-Gold Premium Longboard Continuous Roll - Best for Automotive and Metalworking

It’s a yearly scenario to catch a hard to remove rust and work with it. Give your hand rest with the Dura-Gold abrasive made with Zirconia Alumina. Let’s ease your handwork with its unique features!

Consistent Scratch Effect

It’s always hot to trot to put forth a sharp cut finer and polisher. Well, its 20-yard roll of 800 grits is ideal for that with a uniform finish.

You’ll be amazed seeing how it deals with the roughest bringing out the most delicate surface with no pricking edge.

Immune to Clogging

Coated aluminum oxide products make it easy to work. It doesn’t allow any sealing. As a result, a single paper runs a long time, enhancing your productivity.

Adhesive Aid

The emery paper comes in a roll that allows continuous use. It ends with a sticky lining having no scratches. Hence you get the scope to cut it to any length.

You won’t be annoyed with any sticky residue. Thus you get a clean move.


You get to use Dura-Gold to work on various purposes like K or Hand Sanding blocks. It offers a fast cut on wood, fiberglass, or primers. Hence it is a multi-purpose abrasive!


  • Long-lasting cuts
  • Liner to shield the adhesive
  • Uniform auto body scratch design
  • Coated abrasives great to work on hard steel
  • Feasible in price
  • Easy to store and re-use


  • A single grading per roll may rise using issues

3. VERONES 400 to 3000 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper – Best Automotive Sanding

VERONES 400 to 3000 Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper – Best Automotive Sanding

Do you need to deal with automotive scraping having different grit grading needs? Then the VERONES make it to your list for the best sandpaper for metal. Let’s see how!


The emery adds a layer of Silicon Carbide to give an effective polish. Rest assured that you will gain a natural shine for its high quality.

So, it’s widely used for wood tuning, removing vehicle blemishes, and metal polishing.

Wet Plus Dry Use

You would have no urge to shift to a new abrasive when you are working with wet tools. Well, the waterproof ability of the product serves here the best. 

You won’t face any tear-off or crumbliness when used for a while. How durable!

Multiple Grits

You will find a total of 90 pieces of abrasive sanding equipment. They vary in grits 400 to 3000. 

The point that will impress you the most is its grit grading system. Each sheet reveals its grit at the very back, making it easy to use.


Be it any odd job, you’ll find this abrasive ensures efficient working. With its grits marked on the back, you are sure not to mess up.


  • Suitable for wet and dry sanding
  • Ensures durability
  • Any cut size customization available
  • Grit easy to identify 
  • Variety of grading for a different purpose


  • You may find the grit not matching with Norton’s

4. LANHU 120 Grit Sandpaper – Best for Metal Sanding and Automotive Polishing

 LANHU 120 Grit Sandpaper – Best for Metal Sanding and Automotive Polishing

If you’re tired of putting those fading paints out of your alloy body, it’s time you tried out the LANHU abrasive. It gives a flexible use ensured with durability. Its features can tell you why.

Fast Heat Dissipation

You won’t face the rapid heating when you keep on sanding for a while. It gives scope for quick heat release. In the way, you are nailed to get a durable paper to polish.

Mixed Sandpaper Grit for Metal

We know that dealing with different purposes calls for a change in coarseness. That’s why it adds full-size paper with 120 gritting. You’ll hold it fit for polishing automotive, plastic, wood, wall, and concrete floor.

Homogeneous Distribution

The emery paper has an electro coat at its back. Thus the surface of the abrasive is even from all sides. You will find it easy to use on any material for soft and flex backing. 


The LANHU comes with an easy way to identify the grit size. You will notice the markings at the back.


  • Resists all stretches
  • Soft backing paper
  • No water leakage
  • Easy to re-size
  • It gives a sharp cut


  • Edges easily roll-off

5. 3M 19015ES-CC 9-Inch Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide – Sandpaper for Metal

3M 19015ES-CC 9-Inch Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide – Sandpaper for Metal

On the assumption that you are more into a coarse abrasive with brands, this 3M can impress you with its sanding. Let’s view its sterling qualities!

Durable Sandpaper

In the field of sanding tools, the abrasive is famous as the jack of all trades. The fusion of alloys in the form of Aluminum oxide sandpaper makes it last longer.

Thus, it works great on wood, hard steel, and paints.

Flexible Access

When working with contoured and flat surfaces, you must need flexibility. Available in sponges, this one can help.

You can pick the sanding block or angle sanding sponges while dealing with corners and stubborn areas.

Coarse Grit-Grade

Say ciao to your new rough and tough mate. You’ll not find it finicky to work with rusty doors or paints even at once. It works such that it eases sanding rusty metal in a snap.

It comes with 150 fine grits in a combo of 100 or150 or 200 gradings.


Ideal for already painted surfaces, steels, and woods, it is the best sandpaper for metal rust removal.



6. Wet Dry Waterproof Sand Paper – High Grit Metal Sanding

Wet Dry Waterproof Sand Paper – High Grit Metal Sanding

When you can’t dole out your time to go for sanding with a variety of purposes daily, it seems painful. The wide range of fine to coarse grits on the sandpaper products may aid. Why not check its abrasive factors!

Dual Sanding Purpose

It adds a hassle less sanding in your life with no need to switch for wet cases. You get to sand both dry and wet materials using the same sheet.

Rest assured that the 45 pieces won’t crumble off! 

Waterproof Nature

They are made of Silicon Carbide sandpaper. That’s the prime fact that makes it retain water with zero leakage. 

Its electro coating enhances its water-retaining ability. Hence it does not get brittle with no bother.

Multifunctional Buffing

With a variety in its grit, you can work on soft or rigid stainless steel and other alloys. It’ll suit to use in automotive, art and craft, plastic and wood.

High grits help in adding unique shine when buffing and polishing. You get smooth cuts too.


Wet Dry emery sheets are efficient as sandpaper for metal polish. It saves time, too, with fewer efforts. 


  • 15 types of grit
  • No tear-off with multiple time use
  • Works for both wet and dry sanding
  • Softback ensures great grip
  • Grit specs give easy identification


  • You may find the backing paper a bit flimsy

7. LANHU Sanding Sponge, Blocks, Rust Removal Grit – Best for Rusted Metal

LANHU Sanding Sponge, Blocks, Rust Removal Grit – Best for Rusted Metal

Halt your quest for an all-purpose sponge abrasive right here. The LANHU sanding sponges and blocks will make a perfect choice for you. Let’s know more!

Unique Shape

It comes in a block shape and is easy to grip for its sponge construction. It uses a high in density base compared to the belt sander. Hence working seems buttery.

Good Elasticity

You’ll find that sanding scrubs are easy to fit into the palm. Due to its shape and construction, you receive high flexibility. So sanding rough surfaces or small metal becomes easy. 

Washable and Reusable

The LANHU comes with reducing the disturbance to throw away sheets using after once. It sounds riveting that you can use wet or dry washing over and again and reuse!


They are the products that can be used on plastic, steel, drywall, wood, and paints. So, you can claim it to be multi-purpose.


  • 5 grits available
  • Allows wet and dry use
  • Ideal for shaping irregular curved surfaces
  • Easy to grip
  • No excessive grain shedding


  • When compared to the Norton grit chart, the gradings vary

8. 3M Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

3M Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

Well, 3M never stops amazing users with its variety of abrasive sheets. This aluminum oxide adds a little more to its efficiency. How about knowing more!

Simple to Use

It is 9 by 11 inches fused with oxides of aluminum abrasive material. So, you have the scope to use the one for paint removal, wood furnish, chisel work, and all general filing cases. 

Finer Sandpaper

It comes in a sheet of 5. One is very fine, two are a little coarse, and two more medium coarse. So, different levels of grading serve a variety of sanding projects.

Intact Surface

Durable steel sandpaper, no doubt! The surface will remain intact and won’t disintegrate. Moreover, be sure that your sheet will not allow any sealing or clogging.


This is the one that can reduce your pain to zero in selecting a perfect sand sheet.


  • A-1 in quality
  • Lasts longer
  • The exterior doesn’t integrate
  • Suitable for surface prep
  • No clogging
  • Works well with a hand sander and orbital sander


  • You may find it wearing off a bit earlier

9. 3M 1000-Grit Wetordry Sandpaper

3M 1000-Grit Wetordry Sandpaper

You are entailed to have 1000 grit sandpaper for metal before paint fades out. At such a chassis, this 3M model can assist you in the best way. Let’s see how!

Silicon Carbide Abrasive

In terms of sharper cut, you would prefer hard grain in your abrasive material. Carbide of silicon satisfies that razor-sharp quality. Fast yet smooth!

Two Weights

To suit all your sanding needs, you’ll get two weights. The first one is a flexible A weight, which is used for contour sanding on stainless steel. Another one is C weight for improved removal and leveling.

Countering Clogs

The back of the sheet is waterproof paper. Besides, you can use it with cutting oil or water. Hence clogging is blocked as tack cloth is also used, and the life of the abrasive extends!


Its performance efficiency is undoubted. It would serve better in case of polishing and buffing.


  • It gives a smooth and fast cut
  • Life extended with zero blockage on paper
  • Supports wet and dry sanding
  • A 1000 grit paper
  • Flexibility assured with two types of weight backing


  • Be aware not to be harsh. Otherwise, you may end up with scratches

Buyer’s Guide Of The Best Sandpaper For Removing Paint From Metal

best sandpaper for removing paint from metal

Well, by now, you must have known in and out of the sanding paper that works great. But still many queries are bound to hover around your mind.

Calm your thoughts. Here we bring you a foolproof guide to aid. Wasting no time, how about getting in!

What Grit Sandpaper To Use For Metal?

The grit somewhat depends on the type of metal you are dealing with. Moreover, is it Norton Crystolon or Indian stone? Make sure to check the grading system.

For metals, we suggest Carbide of Silicon and Oxide of Aluminum are good choices. But for a hard metal tub, they may get brittle. 

So in the case of hard metals, let us present a wise choice. Go for the emery paper made of Ceramic or an alloy like Zirconia Alumina.

Now, in terms of grit, our advice would be to pick a fine grit paper. Make sure it is not less than 600. You can go for ant above grading 2500. 

Is There Different Sandpaper For Wood and Metal?

The obvious answer to the query is yes. Sanding wood and metal differ, so the type of sandpaper will be different.

For wood:

Now wood has no fear of getting scratched. And it demands a coarser type of abrasive like a 100,000 grit sandpaper. 

But when dealing with the delicate wood surface, low grit such as 24-36 is fine. On a regular need, 60-100 grit works too. For polishing, the available grit fitting budget is a3000 one.

For metal:

It sounds better to choose a closed coated emery paper for steel. But if you find it clogging with dust easily, use a tack cloth. A fine grit serves the best for polishing steel.

Can You Polish Metal With Sandpaper?

polish metal with sandpaper

Yes, polishing steel is a wonderful job of emery paper. But it would help if you made sure not to damage while you are working.

As an expert, we suggest making a start with a garnet having grit grading of 600. Later on, advance your course with a finer one like 1000 or 2500. 

If you are polishing hard steel and iron, abrasive of oxide of Aluminum is a good idea to work with. But for softer metals, you won’t find any abrasive as fruitful as the one made of Carbide of Silicon. A polish shining even brighter than the sun!

It seems hard to find fine-grit sanding sheets in nearby local hardware stores. Why not check an auto repairing shop!

Sandpaper Grit Chart For Metal

The chart is shown below for your convenience:

Coarse40-60Stripping and heavy sanding
Medium80-120Eliminating rusts or paints
Fine150-180Removing small defects
Very Fine220-240Creating smooth surfaces
Extra Fine28-320Making surfaces even with shine
Super fine360+Polishing and Buffing

But remember, types of sanding will make you pick the grit-grading.

What Is The Best Way To Sand Metal?

Deciding to follow a single method to sand steel may be a bit tough. But each user hopes for the best. So, let’s reveal an ideal method:

  • First, clean the entire surface with loose fitting clothing.
  • Start with a low grit sanding sheet-like 60 or 80.
  • Sand in circular motions.
  • Make sure to work with the unwanted layers of paint or scratch or rust-like things and remove them.
  • Next, move to an abrasive with higher grit like 200.
  • Use it until a smooth finish is attained.
  • You may use sanding equipment like an electric sander to speed up the process.


We are pretty certain that you have reached your final pick going through our in-depth reviews. Be it any sanding task on metal doors or instruments.

We made our point fair for each of them. Our part ends right at this stage with a buying guide. Next is your task to check all the factors and then advance with buying.

Grits, material, water retaining quality, durability, type of coating, price, and clog counter action all matter. So, tick all.

In the end, you are there with the best sandpaper for metal that gives a buttery smooth surface with zero rust and extra-shine polish with zero scratches!

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